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508 compliance services
Neha Panchal
Neha Panchal Posted on Mar 4, 2021   |  2 Min Read

COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how vital technology is. Enabling people from different walks of life to sync with the new-normal—it has kept the lights on for several businesses. Remote working, virtual campuses, and eCommerce were possible because of diverse web applications and digital solutions. The effects of the pandemic could be far more weakening without digital platforms. But everyone does not have equal access to technology enablers. Rather, the rapid shift to digital has further widened inequities.

A sizable chunk of the population can’t access information because of physical disabilities. Using digital documents, websites, applications, etc. is difficult for them, if not impossible. Take, for instance, a visually challenged person can’t access the information or browse through the web easily. 508 compliance services broaden the reach of digital solutions and democratize information.

Complying with Section 508 Accessibility: The New Digital Mandate

Section 508 Accessibility law guides organizations to make information and technology solutions approachable for differently-abled people. More than a legal obligation, conforming to the 508 Accessibility Compliance opens new market opportunities. It has great potential in removing digital barriers and delivering a seamless experience. As the future lies in welcoming inclusivity and diversity—organizations, therefore, must address the 508 document remediation process.

Remediating documents for ADA compliance is tricky. Specific tags must be added to the standard documents so that physically challenged people can easily access the information. Engaging professional 508 accessibility services helps in speeding up the process. Some of the advantages of improving digital access are below:

508 accessibility compliance

1. Market Opportunity

Organizations adhering to the accessibility norms can reach out to wider demographics and tap new business opportunities. Advances in AI and automation make accessibility compliance simpler and faster. Professional providers can help in developing accessible content for technology products and services. This facilitates clients to uniquely position themselves in the industry.

2. Product Differentiation

Case in point: A customer with vision impairment may have difficulty in shopping with brick-and-mortar stores. But with the eCommerce application, s/he can overcome barriers and make the best use of the “anytime, anywhere” option.

Achieving eCommerce accessibility enables organizations to deliver a better customer experience. Using professional 508 Compliance Services, they can make product descriptions and UX elements accessible to the challenged population. Catering to diverse needs not only serves as a product differentiator but also increases the brand value unlocking customer loyalty.

508 compliance services

3. Search Engine Optimization

Achieving enhanced accessibility standards improves search engine optimization. Web accessibility helps Google crawl the website better. One of the most conspicuous advantages is that the website is awarded a higher organic search ranking. Professional 508 Compliance Services can help in adding alt text to images, transcribing audio/video files, and adding captions to videos. Therefore, it is immensely beneficial to engage a provider with good experience in search engine optimization.

Way Forward

Abiding by Section 508 accessibility compliance enables businesses to remove the digital barriers and level-up their availability for differently-abled users. The professional providers offer custom solutions that can address obstacles towards digital accessibility. They act as an efficient bridge between businesses and customers, facilitating a rare win-win.

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