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Salesforce CRM Consulting for Healthcare Industry
Tech Talk
Tech Talk Posted on Nov 6, 2019   |  2 Min Read

Client Profile

The client is a US based healthcare payer and services provider and we undertook their entire digital transformation of operations currently managed on spreadsheets and other disconnected systems to a fully automated system based on Salesforce with seamless integration with their external clinical system for highly efficient business process.

Client Challenge

Sales and marketing team collaborating using legacy tools like Spreadsheets leading to data loss and repeated pursue of the same patient by multiple team members.

Revenue leakage due to lack of timely and granular visibility into revenue generation activities.

Lack of standardized processes leading to disruptions in transitioning a prospect to a patient with defined enrollments and alignment to a respective healthcare provider office.

Integration issues between the Sales data and the clinical data for overlap when needed for a better collaboration and Patient retention.

After a detailed due diligence, the client chose Damco as its technology partner to mitigate these challenges.

Damco’s Solution

To meet the unique requirements and help the client succeed, Damco offered a transformation underpinned with a Salesforce-based CRM technology solution that can manage the entire patient journey starting from a lead level, improve the patient experience, foster patient loyalty and at the same time enhance profitability. The system was designed to capture the right set of details at each stage with automation to reduce the efforts of the users to manage their daily tasks. The system was also integrated with the EMR system of the patient through APIs to ensure real-time data flow between two systems ensuring the consistency of information across systems and capability to initiate workflows due to efficient syncing of data. The system was also extended to the call center operations and ensured that callers had the right information to support any customer request promptly without looking into multiple systems.

Benefits – Exceeding Expectations

Damco enabled the client to drive better health outcomes, improved satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Key values delivered to the client are as follows:

A Single view of patients at the desired levels ensuring clear segregation of data visibility between personal and clinical data for better HIPAA compliance.

Deduplication of entire patient database to ensure efficient tracking of enrollments and disenrollment.

Streamlined Sales and marketing operations for conducting granular level campaigns with highly effective reporting for better visibility.

Highly automated system supporting the need for follow-up reminders and scheduled tasks driven by system defined triggers for better patient service and retention.

Key Highlights

Improved lead to
customer/patient ratio
patient acquisition costs
Access to a cohesive system to manage patients and their health information efficiently

Client Testimonial

We are extremely pleased with our decision to partner with Damco. Their team has significantly streamlined the tracking of enrolments accelerating patient acquisition, engagement and retention ratios for our firm.

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