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Asset Tokenization Platform:
Issue Security Tokens and Simplify Real Estate

New-age technologies are fundamentally changing the way real estate operates. Even so, traditional real estate investment markets continue to grapple with manual, complex procedures and excessive paperwork. The involvement of multiple intermediaries, long settlement cycles, high entry barriers, and a lack of transparency discourage potential investors from participating in the real estate ecosystem.

Enter Blockchain- a game-changer with immense potential to revolutionize real estate investments. Thanks to distributed ledger technology, it has become possible to create digital securities (tokens) representing fractional ownership in real estate assets. This groundbreaking tokenization approach democratizes investments, unlocking wealth-building opportunities for a broader spectrum of investors.

Furthermore, Blockchain enables the replacement of manual transactions with automated workflows powered by smart contracts. This eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries, resulting in enhanced transparency, near-instant settlement, and simplified compliance in the real estate ecosystem.

At Damco, we harness the disruptive power of Blockchain to build bespoke tokenization or security issuance platforms using our time-tested accelerators, frameworks, and tech capabilities. Designed specifically for real estate companies, the platform supports the issuance of tokenized securities aimed at making real estate investments efficient, accessible, and secure.

Security Token Issuance Platform Development

Build a Tailored Feature-Rich Securities Issuance Platform

Facilitate token issuance, simplify fundraising, and save time and costs with a robust issuance solution

For Issuers

Smart contract-based issuance platforms allow real estate players to reap exceptional returns due to enhanced investor traction and reduced barriers to investment. Plus, automated manual processes, elimination of intermediaries, and near-instant transfer of ownership make capital raising efficient and seamless.

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For Investors

A Blockchain-based solution allows fractional ownership of real estate assets, facilitates better recording of ownership and transfer of assets, simplifies investor registration and KYC, and provides an overview of properties available for sale, upcoming deals, and contracts signed with the issuer.

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For Regulators

A Blockchain-powered issuance platform provides regulators with a publicly accessible historical record of transactions that simplifies auditing, reduces the risk of fraud, and promotes transparency in the real estate landscape.

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For Administrators

An immutable record of verified transactions minimizes the scope for ambiguity or discrepancy, enabling administrators to easily validate real estate deals and manage issuers, investors, and investment experts on a single, unified platform.

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Securities Issuance Platform Offerings

Tap the Power of Digital Assets with a Decentralized Ecosystem

Expert Technology Consulting

We offer full assistance during the ideation and planning phase of your project. From business case analysis to strategy development and Blockchain platform and tech stack selection, you get the right guidance and consulting to help you move in the right direction.

Next-Gen Issuance Platform Development

Drawing on our time-tested knowledge, we build robust issuance platforms to allow real estate companies to raise capital in a regulated manner. Integrated with advanced features, the product helps meet the needs of issuers, investors, and token administrators.

Dedicated Web3.0/Blockchain Team

Build a team of Blockchain experts specialized in developing tokenization platforms quickly from a pool of experienced Web3 developers, UX designers, project managers, or CTO to achieve your business objectives.

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Our focus on continuous feedback and ongoing enhancements transforms your issuance platform into a sophisticated, high-performing financial product delivering a competitive advantage.

Use Cases

Drive Smart Investments with an All-In-One Issuance Platform

Create Property Offerings

Real estate entities can create new offerings (deals) on the platform depending on their goals, risk tolerance, and need for control.

Implement Authorization?Protocols

Administrators can complete the entire verification process online through digital signatures, review investor registration, view investment history, and approve KYC.

View Issuer Offerings

Prospective investors can view all the upcoming and available deals raised by the issuer and subscribe to them after consultation with experts available on the platform.

Get a 360-Degree Investment Overview

Individuals and corporate entities can view and manage their real estate investments recorded on the distributed ledger and determine the value of their portfolios.

Purchase Tokens with Fiat Currency

Our issuance platform enables investors to purchase real estate tokens with fiat currency or cryptocurrency, register quickly, manage their wallets, and view their portfolios, all in one place.

Manage Compliance Seamlessly

The availability of data on the distributed ledger makes it easy for real estate regulators to audit and verify transaction history, ensure compliance, and detect any potential financial fraud or discrepancies.

Business Benefits

Unlock growth with enhanced liquidity, transparency, and intermediary elimination

High Liquidity
Blockchain-powered tokenization paves the way for efficient buying and selling of properties, leading to quick conversion of the real estate asset value into cash and near-instant liquidity.

Risk Diversification
The ability to divide the ownership of a property into digital securities allows investors to own a small portion of a real estate asset, instead of requiring to pay for the entire asset. This diversifies risks as well as encourages investments.

No Geographical Barriers
Digital securities remove geographical barriers, enabling users from different countries to seamlessly buy and sell assets on the distributed ledger. This expands business opportunities for real estate players, fostering profitability and long-term gains.

No Intermediaries
Blockchain-based issuance platform eliminates the involvement of intermediaries, enabling secure peer-to-peer transactions with reduced costs and minimal risk.

Reduced Barriers to Entry
The fractionalization of asset ownership opens investment opportunities to many more people, including small investors previously excluded from the real estate ecosystem.

Enhanced Transparency
Thanks to digital ledger technology and advanced cryptography, all the transactions happening on the platform can be effectively monitored, minimizing fraudulent activities and counterfeit assets.

Why Choose Us

Bespoke Blockchain Solutions

Bespoke Blockchain Solutions

We have a team of qualified Blockchain specialists to optimize your existing issuance platform or develop a brand-new platform from scratch as per your business requirements.

Proficiency in Multiple Platforms

Proficiency in Multiple Platforms

We possess expertise in an array of Blockchain platforms, including Neo, Multichain, Ethereal, Hedera Hashgraph, and Stellar to assist you with smart contracts, tokenization, wallet management, identity management, and third-party integration with APIs.

On-Demand Agile Developers

On-Demand Agile Developers

Hire on-demand experts from a pool of pre-vetted Blockchain and Web3 developers on a pay-as-you-go basis to stay cost-efficient while ensuring the on-time delivery of your project.

Over Two Decades of Experience

Over Two Decades of Experience

With an unparalleled track record, we have successfully delivered over 100 Blockchain projects catering to enterprises, SMEs, and startups across diverse geographies.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models

At Damco, we offer multiple engagement models based on your business and technology requirements to help you design, build, and launch a next-gen issuance platform on budget and time.

24x7 Technical Support

24×7 Technical Support

Our team is available round-the-clock for real-time technical support in your time zone post-deployment to prevent any unintended downtime or outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does real estate tokenization work?

Real estate tokenization involves the creation of digital securities (tokens) that represent ownership in a real estate asset. These digital tokens are issued and managed on a Blockchain-powered platform, allowing for a high degree of transparency, security, and liquidity. Investors can buy and sell these tokens and own a fraction of a real estate property, instead of buying the whole property.

How does real estate tokenization boost liquidity?

Real estate tokenization improves liquidity as it provides a market for traditionally illiquid assets that were once challenging to buy and sell due to the massive capital investment involved. Tokenization divides the value of a real estate asset into smaller, more accessible tokens that can be traded over a Blockchain-powered issuance platform. This provides investors with the opportunity to build an ecosystem for seamless buying and selling of assets.

How much does it cost to build a securities issuance platform?

The cost of developing a securities issuance platform can vary significantly depending on a wide range of factors, such as the platform’s complexity, features required, technology stack used, and the development team’s expertise. For an accurate estimate, it is recommended that you get in touch with our consultants.

Do you offer post-launch support and maintenance?

Of course, we do. Damco offers comprehensive post-launch support for Blockchain-based issuance platforms. Our teams provide ongoing assistance, maintenance, and updates to duly address the issues that may arise and ensure the seamless running of your solution.

Why should l choose Damco for securities issuance platform development?

Thanks to our expertise in delivering Blockchain-powered digital solutions, emphasis on security, and ongoing support and maintenance, Damco can be your preferred partner for developing an issuance platform. Our commitment to client satisfaction, continuous innovation, and timely project delivery set us apart in the industry.

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