Explore The Ways To Enhance Your Salesforce System More Efficiently & Cost-effectively

Salesforce, as a platform, undergoes constant evolution, and your business can only reap the advantages if it can stay abreast of the platform’s innovations. As your business expands and transforms, your Salesforce environment must also adapt to new business requirements and technological requirements. However, not every Salesforce using company desires, requires, or possesses the necessary budget and processes to establish a complete team of Salesforce architects and administrators.

That’s where customized Salesforce Managed Services comes in.

Though the importance of Managed Services can’t be stressed enough, businesses are still skeptical about these support and maintenance services. They are still evaluating the options between involving a 3rd party service provider or developing and expanding an in-house technology team. To understand Salesforce Managed Services in a better way, we have come up with a detailed fireside chat with our Salesforce Business and Delivery Head who would touch down the key aspects of Managed Services while answering some of the most asked question about these services.

Unleash The True Potential Of Your Salesforce System

Watch this 15-min on-demand webinar where our experts will discuss:

  • Factors of business growth? for Salesforce using companies
  • Why Optimum maintenance of Salesforce is the need of the hour
  • How Managed Services is different from in-house operations
  • What you get more to support and maintain your Salesforce systems optimally
  • Best practices to reduce cost and improve Salesforce RoI

Our Speakers

Alok Khandelwal

Alok Khandelwal

VP, Salesforce Practice,
Damco Solutions

Dreamforce speaker, 13x Salesforce certified system and application architect with 17+ years of industry experience.

Devansh Bansal

Charan Dhillon

Head of Professional Services,
Damco Solutions,

Head of Professional Services and a prominent
public speaker with over 15+ years of industry