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Salesforce Instance Optimization: Just Another Overhead or A Vital Investment?

As a business with hyper-growth inspiration, you’ve implemented the Salesforce system. Now what!! As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce Org needs to do the same. But this raises some critical questions:

  • Where does a business’s Salesforce journey end?
  • Is implementation the final phase, or is post-launch support the ultimate investment?
  • What about updates and Salesforce releases that one needs to be carefully chosen and implemented?
  • Your business process has changed, and you need Salesforce to change quickly as well. But how?
  • Can these activities be handled by a single admin?
  • You must engage your users more with our system. But how?
  • How can the technical debt be reduced while improving the experience of your Salesforce users?
salesforce managed ervices whitepaper

Introducing: Salesforce Managed Services

Perhaps you have heard the term ‘Managed Services’ before, or maybe this is the first time. To put it simply, it’s a suite of maintenance and support services that ensure the peak performance of any Salesforce instance while maximizing ROI. But businesses with Salesforce orgs usually overlook it or simply delay leveraging it. This is where this whitepaper comes into action!

Within this whitepaper, we have elucidated the hidden costs and risks that businesses may incur by bypassing these essential services. We also delve into the business advantages brought by Salesforce Managed Services to organizations, examining case studies where these services, coupled with other Salesforce solutions, have driven transformative changes.

What Is Included In The Whitepaper?

Elements in Salesforce Managed Services

Initial Salesforce Investments vs. Ongoing Salesforce Investments

Hidden Costs Associated with Neglecting Salesforce Managed Services

Success stories of Salesforce users who made the most of Managed Services