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Legacy Modernization for an Agile & Efficient Digital Future

Market disruptions, increasing user demand, complex competitive landscape, and the need for digitalization have forced businesses to undertake legacy system modernization. Modernizing the IT backbone allows an organization to be lean and flexible while delivering innovative products and services quickly and efficiently. As a provider of legacy software modernization services, Damco has helped clients modernize 400+ legacy applications – making them efficient, extensible, secure, and deliver on the promise of digital. By leveraging our deep expertise in modern technologies, applications, security, and diverse industry domains – we offer a wide range of modernization services including Cloud Enablement, Infrastructure Services, Managing Application Stacks, Redesigning Core Applications, Enterprise Security, Digital Engineering, and more.

Our experts help you reimagine your core IT infrastructure with agile and resilient legacy modernization solutions to meet increasing business demands and mitigate transformation risks. Being a reputed legacy software support company, we have helped clients across industries with our breadth of modernization services including legacy application modernization, legacy system modernization, legacy application transformation, legacy data modernization, legacy modernization to cloud, and legacy software modernization.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Offerings

Damco’s Legacy Modernization Services help organizations rapidly transform their traditional application portfolio by adopting cloud, SaaS-based business models, digital solutions, and the latest technology stacks.

Technology Modernization

Legacy Software Migration and Legacy App Modernization Services for programs written on languages like COBOL, RPG, and Pascal to newer and secure languages.

Infrastructure Modernization

We facilitate organizations to operate from a scalable, flexible, and reliable IT infrastructure – built for remote access and 100% up-time.

Cloud Migration

With cloud migration of IT infra, applications and processes, we lower infrastructure costs, accelerate time to market, increase responsiveness, improve scalability, and accessibility.

UX Modernization

Damco’s UX Modernization Services provide dynamic, user-centric experiences through effective information architecture, user and device responsive plan, content contextualization, and customization.


Damco’s IT legacy modernization services utilize cloud, mobility, data analytics, AI/ML, automation, and digital marketing, to enable organizations to digitize their business processes.

Data Modernization

Our deep experience in legacy application migration to cloud enables organizations to establish modern and real-time business data that a digital business requires.

Damco Cloud Factory

Damco Cloud Factory is an innovation hub and a proven program with proprietary frameworks designed to help clients in their legacy application transformation journey. The hub follows an iterative approach and end-to-end transformation framework — from discovery, planning, design, migration, and transition to streamlined operations. Damco simplifies and speeds up legacy modernization to cloud with a rich set of Cloud Connectors.

AWS CloudTrail Connector

Enables security monitoring across all AWS services and uses event information for context enrichment.

Azure ActivityLog Connector

Allows security monitoring across all Azure services and uses event information for context enrichment.

AWS CloudWatch Connector

Facilitates the identification of AWS account compromise threats, network, and cloud threats.

Azure SecurityWatch Connector

Enables identification of Azure account compromise threats, network, and cloud threats.

IaCT Framework

Facilitates writing rules for validating cloud infrastructure, while also being a ready library for some industry-standard benchmarks.

Okta Threat Connector

Identifies threats such as privilege escalation, credential theft, account compromise, DDoS and brute force password attacks, unusual account behavior, and insider threats.

Why Damco for Legacy Application Modernization Services?

Delivered 400+ legacy software modernization projects over 1000+ man-hours

Experience in latest tech stack – Cloud, RPA, Blockchain, AI & ML, and Data Analytics

Our cloud-first legacy migration accelerators optimize cost and minimize risks

Our legacy modernization services focus on a low-risk and gradual approach to core system improvements


Does my business need an IT legacy modernization?

For a business to compete in an increasingly competitive business environment, its IT infrastructure needs to be smart, secure, and scalable. And it must leverage the latest technology stacks such as Cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain, RPA, and Data Analytics, all the while complying with stringent regulatory guidelines.

Can your legacy infrastructure handle the growing needs of your business? Not sure? Request a free consultation with our experts.

Will the legacy data modernization affect my business continuity?

We understand that data is the backbone of a business and our modernization experts ensure that the digital transformation process does not hamper your business continuity as we securely move your data from legacy databases to modern databases on the cloud.

How do you undertake legacy software modernization?

Damco’s experts assess your existing infrastructure and suggest a modernization approach that matches your changing business needs. Our skilled team of technical architects, developers, UX designers, and other resources leverage a dynamic agile methodology to develop and re-engineer high-quality applications which are robust, scalable, and secure.

How long does a legacy application transformation take?

The duration of a legacy software modernization depends on multiple factors such as the complexity of existing infrastructure, suitable cloud platform, man-hours required, etc. Having said that, we focus on re-usability of business logic to ensure fast deployment and user adoption.

What is the cost of a legacy system modernization?

The cost of legacy software modernization services depends upon a multitude of factors including existing infrastructure, technology stack, business objective, project scope, engagement model you opt for. Our modernization experts assess the existing portfolio on a number of parameters to select the right strategy and technology stack for reviving the application.

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