Dedicated Development Team to Best-Fit
Your Technology Needs

As the world becomes more digital, businesses are struggling to find skilled tech talent. Consequently, hiring delays are causing project deadlines to be missed. Damco helps you build a fit-for-purpose, on-demand agile software development team to engage top-tier developers to address these challenges so that you can kick-off fast and hit the ground immediately.

Spruce up your technology team with Damco’s dedicated engineering talent on-demand. Our team engagement models are flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

We have in-depth expertise in 50+ technology stacks, including Microsoft, Open Source, Salesforce, and PowerApps. When you find it tough to deliver a project on time, Damco can augment your in-house tech team quickly.

Grow your team and expand your software development capabilities with a reliable tech partner by your side.

Leverage Our Expertise to Build an Elite Tech Team

Get software solutions for every industry and every need. Share your tech stack requirements with us, and we’ll handpick the best-fit developer for that role. You can leverage Damco’s in-depth expertise in 50+ tech stacks, including Cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain, Mobile, RPA, DevOps, Data Analytics, Microsoft, Opensource, Outsystems, and more.

We help you hire certified developers with a stellar tech stack portfolio to enhance your existing software development capacity. Our wide range of tech capabilities allow you to build and deliver technology solutions per your business requirements.

Why Build a Dedicated Tech Team
with Damco

No matter whether you’re a tech startup, scale-up, Fortune 1000 enterprise, or an ISV, we can assemble a technology team of certified engineers based on your requirements, industry, skills, roles, and seniority.

  • Elasticity for Dynamic Business Needs
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Quick Project Scale up
  • End-to-End Solution
  • Superior & Flexible Workforce
  • Pay-As-You-Go Flexibility
  • Avoids Cost Overrun
  • Ensures Project’s Success Always
  • Enhanced Security
  • Elasticity for Dynamic Business Needs

    Right from choosing the engagement model, payment plan to tech stack, and team composition, Damco offers flexibility at every stage. Since every business has unique needs; a one-size-fits-all approach cannot address modern-day business challenges.

  • Reduced Time to Market

    Damco’s team augmentation services can help reduce time to market by 75%—providing a full spectrum of team augmentation services, a large talent pool, and efficient project management to enable you to innovate better and faster.

  • Quick Project Scale up

    You can start your project within a few weeks, thanks to our large talent pool and proven recruitment capabilities. We will support you in aligning your team, technology, and business processes. You can build and launch products quickly without wasting any time.

  • End-to-End Solution

    With Damco’s range & breath of tech expertise, you get end-to-end solution for every business need right from ideation, discovery, team building, development, project management, monitoring, final project delivery to maintenance & support. Whatever be your industry, you get the tech expertise you need to build amazing things.

  • Superior & Flexible Workforce

    Take advantage of an elite and pre-vetted pool of 1600+ elite developers based on your tech-stack requirements to build a time zone aligned, diverse, and collaborative digital workforce that makes time, culture, language & location differences irrelevant.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Flexibility

    Leverage Damco’s pay-as-you-go services to bring down your operational costs. So, you only pay for the services you receive. Also, you have complete clarity of how much you will pay. There are no surprises.

  • Avoids Cost Overrun

    Damco follows the best Scrum practices to avoid budget & time overruns and minimize project-related risks. JIRA, Trello, and other popular project management tools help us track and monitor the project progress based on clearly defined industry metrics while maintaining strict quality control.

  • Ensures Project’s Success Always

    At Damco, we have an incredible 98.8% client retention rate, which cannot be a fluke. We use CMMi development standards and Damco’s proprietary RAPADIT framework to complete projects on time while maintaining quality, productivity, and cost efficiency.

  • Enhanced Security

    We are an ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi certified company that guarantees the safety of your business-critical data. We follow strict data security practices and protocols to safeguard your business-critical assets.

Build a Tech Team That Always Delivers

Our dedicated team engagement models have been custom-designed to suit your business needs and help you overcome current business challenges.

For CEOs

Damco’s on-demand team extension model provides the much-needed elasticity your business needs to succeed in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment. You get the room to adapt quickly as per your business demands.

For CTOs

As a CTO, your key job is to keep your product innovative so that it always stays ahead of the competition. Damco’s on-demand engagement models allows you to build a superior and diverse tech team that can adapt quickly to changing needs.

For VP Engineering

With Damco’s on-demand engagement models, you can quickly assemble a diverse and productive tech team. Our agile project management process provides absolute control over the project workflow, ensuring that it is completed on time and you get value from day one.

For VP Product

A dedicated tech team enables you to stick to your product roadmap in line with your tight product development timelines. As a result, your product development efficiency increases, accelerating your Time-to-Market significantly.

Select the Right Engagement Model to Build
Your Tech Team

Our engagement models are as flexible as your requirements. Let us know your needs, and we’ll build your dream tech team! We handle all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing profiles, screening suitable candidates, and onboarding to payroll management & taxes so that you can focus entirely on your project.


Work with full-time onsite resources throughout the project lifecycle to leverage the benefits of more effective project collaboration.


Allocate your dedicated developers and resources to meet both your onsite and remote project delivery needs.


Build a remote custom-made team with top engineering talent. Focus on your core business and leave the rest on us. We will do all the heavy lifting.

Flexible Engagement Models for Every Business Need

Enterprises that are looking to enhance tech capability

Hire pre-vetted elite developers in 50+ technologies to augment your in-house tech stack capability to reach your business goals faster.

Startups that are aspiring to scale-up fast

Enables you to get going fast with remote tech team by your side. Our team extension models enable you to ramp up your in-house tech team faster.

ISVs that are seeking to meet tight deadlines

Ramp up your in-house tech team strength quickly to meet tight delivery schedules by tapping into Damco’s top-tier talent pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the quality of talent?

We source suitable screen candidates and evaluate them thoroughly before we make any hiring decision. Our engineers have been carefully hand-picked from top-tier engineering colleges with plenty of hands-on experience. We assess candidates on multiple parameters that ensure the quality of candidates.

How do you ensure the project is completed on time?

We use project management tools like JIRA, Trello, and Basecamp to manage and track the project’s progress. Our proprietary Rapid Application Development & Transformation framework provides us the flexibility to complete a project quickly and reliably.

How do you ensure project success?

We follow a modern agile project management practice and a mature engineering services delivery model that we have perfected over the last two decades while working with various enterprises. It allows us to successfully achieve various project-related milestones and deliver tangible outcomes on time.

We’re an IT staffing agency. How can you help?

Damco offers white-labelled solutions that bring resources and developers under your service umbrella to help you provide timely and reliable services to your clients. Our team engagement models will help you manage sudden workload spikes better and more efficiently.

How can I keep my data protected?

As an ISO 9001:2008 and CMMi-certified company, data and intellectual property protection are critical to us. We keep the codebase confidential and only grant access to select users. Additionally, we sign an NDA with each client and candidate that prohibits disclosing any confidential or proprietary information.

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