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vehicle tracking app development

Being a long-time technology partner of the transportation & logistics industry, we continue to assist organizations in incorporating smart analytics-driven solutions. Our vehicle tracking software development solutions have widely been implemented by leading enterprises and assist both office and field personnel.

To address the needs of the transportation firms, we offer Fleet Management App Development that enables them to gain AI-powered insights in their fleet assets and personnel and take performance to the next-level.

Fleet Management App Development for Smarter Logistics

Add advanced capabilities to your business with Damco’s fleet management software development expertise

Vehicle Tracking App

Vehicle Tracking App Development to gain insights in real-time vehicle location, knowledge of route followed by the driver, anticipated time for service delivery, the average time for the route, and more.

Driver Tracking Application

App to assign and monitor individual transportation requests by sending alerts to the driver’s dashboard. Intuitive admin console to assign for nearby rides, pickups and dispatch orders along with real-time visibility.

Application Integration

Capability enhancement of existing fleet management software with smart integrations including GPS, CRM, Payroll, accounting, etc. for streamlining supply chain operations and faster relay of issues.

Asset Management Application

Asset management application to set auto-notifications in case the vehicle crosses a set boundary or enters a new route thus helping with fuel optimization and theft detection.

Fleet Optimization Application

Evaluate and organize carriers with visibility in the vehicle’s current location and information related to idle drivers and vehicles. Custom fleet solutions to ensure fuel optimization and cost-efficiency.

Mobile Solutions

Robust mobile or web apps to monitor fleet maintenance, fuel transactions, scheduling, etc. with a user-friendly administrative system ensuring efficient transportation operations.

Damco Differentiators

  • Logistics Management

    Expertise in fleet management software development to address the logistics requirements of diverse businesses.

  • 24*7 Client Assistance

    Availability of assistance as per the client time zone and post-deployment support with a dedicated project manager.

  • Flexible Engagement Options

    Tailor-made engagement plans to fit every small or big need with 100% scalability of technology resources.

  • CoE Delivery Model

    Centers of Excellence in assorted technologies to facilitate the delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions with best practices.

  • Agile Development Approach

    Rapid project delivery with seamless communication between all stakeholders and solid documentation for training and support.

  • Uninterrupted Delivery

    100% operational processes with employees supporting from home so that the project is completed on time, meeting the highest quality standards.

  • 27+ years of experience

    Two decades plus experience in delivering cutting-edge IT services and solutions across industries and business sizes.

vehicle tracking software development

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