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e-learning app development

E-Learning App Development Services


Education Software Development Companies facilitate the remote learning needs of educational institutions–leveraging established and emerging technologies. We at Damco support ed-tech firms and other education stakeholders in digital education enablement overcoming the present limitations of physical interactions. Through custom E-Learning Development Services, we augment online learning by providing a virtual, robust, and student-centric technology infrastructure.

From developing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to offering E-Learning Mobile App Development based on immersive technologies like AI, AR, and VR – we have experience in deploying a wide range of education technology solutions. Our proven expertise in student lifecycle solutions uniquely positions us as a leader among other Education Software Development Companies.

education software development companies

Our eLearning Software Development Services allow seamless shift to a receptive learning model for a profitable digital revenue stream. With our corporate learning solutions we facilitate upskilling and learning of employees mitigating deficit in employee training due to pandemic situation.

As one of the leading Education Software Development Companies, we offer on-demand developers and ready-to-market technology framework to speed up EdTech product development, under flexible engagements. Our VCTO services help in overcoming any small or big technology challenge in eLearning adoption or product development.

Damco’s E-Learning App Development Services to Overcome COVID-19 Challenge

Our Innovative eLearning Solutions Make Us One of The leading Education Software Development Companies In The Industry

On-Demand E-Learning App

eLearning mobile app development enabling on-demand education through video streaming, audio learning, and other features. Allows scheduling of lectures, assignments, and much more with robust performance and engaging UI.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems for colleges and universities to deploy and track online training activities. Host training programs or exams on the server of LMS that can be easily accessed by a remote learner.

Video Conferencing and Streaming App

Make learning more interactive and convenient by communicating with multiple users through video conferencing. Enable learners to establish 1-on-1 interaction with educators and address questions or doubts remotely.

E-Commerce Application

Add revenue streams to your education business by selling video courses, text-based lessons, and giving personalized coaching sessions. Avail custom eLearning development services to maximize your digital footprints.

Apps for Exam Preparation

Dedicated exam preparation applications for conducting tests, quizzes, mock exams, and interviews. Use flashcards, manage time tables, set reminders, complete daily milestones, improve mistakes via gamification and more.

Application Integration With CRM

Leverage eLearning software development and app integrations to unify data from ERP and CRM. Monitor fee, payment, attendance, performance and more bringing everything under one umbrella.

Damco Differentiators

Advanced eLearning Development Services to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing, Remote Learning and Performance Monitoring

  • Expertise in eLearning Solutions

    Deep expertise in eLearning tech-stack and proven success in education technology projects spread across the globe.

  • 24*7 Client Assistance

    Availability of assistance as per the client time zone and post-deployment support with a dedicated project manager.

  • Flexible Engagement Options

    Tailor-made engagement plans to fit every small or big need with 100% scalability of technology resources.

  • CoE Delivery Model

    Centers of Excellence in assorted technologies to facilitate the delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions with best practices.

  • Agile Development Approach

    Rapid project delivery with seamless communication between all stakeholders and solid documentation for training and support.

  • Uninterrupted Delivery

    100% operational processes with employees supporting from home so that the project is completed on time, meeting the highest quality standards.

  • 27+ years of experience

    Two decades plus experience in delivering cutting-edge IT services and solutions across industries and business sizes.

eLearning software development services

Other Solutions

On-Demand Delivery Apps Catering to Other Industries

Health Development App
Healthcare App

Healthcare app to take your health practice online for the first time or augment existing digital solutions for new capabilities and features through our technology-enabled healthcare solutions

Telemedicine Solution
Telemedicine Solution

HIPAA Compliant telemedicine software to help healthcare providers deliver reliable and secure healthcare telemedicine solutions that provide better alternatives to traditional healthcare models

GPS Tracking App
GPS Tracking App

GPS tracking solutions to enable manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and buyers get real-time detailed information related to the whereabouts of vehicles/individuals and streamline transportation and supply chain operations

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