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Agile Cloud-Native Application Development

Cloud-based application development empowers businesses to attain 360-degree growth by offering improved business agility, security, scalability, performance, and productivity. Enterprises today are leveraging Cloud app development services to achieve business resilience and better availability, leading to an improved employee and customer experience.

Damco’s Cloud application development services deliver best-fit solutions as per the business’s needs and objectives. Partnering with the hyperscalers of the Cloud – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—we work towards providing a seamless Cloud journey for businesses. Our Cloud Center of Excellence structures digital solutions to leverage the maximum potential of the Cloud technology.

cloud application development services

Our Offerings

Enabling Businesses to Save Operational Costs and Improve Performance

Application Strategy

Defining Functional & Technical Requirements

TCO Optimization

Application Roadmap

Cloud Application Design

Architecture Design

UX Research & Design

UI Designing/Redesigning

Cloud Application Development

Application Modernization

Back-End and Back-End Development

Software Integration

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Application QA & Testing

Test Planning

Unit Testing

Periodic Code Review

Test Automation

Cloud Application Support

L1-L3 Cloud Application Support

Cloud Application Administration

Efficiency Audits and SLA Management

Cloud Application Monitoring

Cloud Risk Management

Cloud Security Audits

Custom Security Integration Solutions

Technical Security Architecture Consulting

Risk & Identity Management

Types of Cloud App Development

Delivering the Best Fit Solution for Each Business and its Precise Requirements

Cloud Native-Application Development

For enterprises that require to develop solutions software quickly while minimizing risk and leveraging the scalability of the Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud App Development

For enterprises that require the flexibility of Public Cloud, and control over datasets and workflows of a Private Cloud.

Multiple Cloud App Development

For enterprises that require various Cloud platforms to add the relevant services, including performance, flexibility, and cost control.

Business Benefits of Developing Cloud-based Applications

Embrace the transformative benefits of Cloud app development for a future-ready business

benefits of Cloud app development

Accessibility and Flexibility

Cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere, providing easy accessibility and flexibility for remote work.


Cloud applications allow for easy scalability, enabling businesses to effortlessly adjust resources based on changing requirements.

Global Reach

With Cloud application development services, businesses can leverage advanced technologies without extensive development efforts.


With applications hosted in the Cloud, businesses need to pay only for the resources they use, reducing overall IT costs.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud applications come with robust disaster recovery solutions, providing quick recovery options to ensure business continuity.

Why Choose Damco As Your Cloud Application Development Company

With 1500+ years of human-hours experience in custom Cloud application development, we enable businesses to unleash the full potential of the Cloud

Strategic partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Dedicated Cloud application developers with strong expertise in serverless application development.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Cloud application development company committed to meeting the highest level of quality benchmarks.

We have proven experience in offering a complete suite of Cloud application development services and solutions.

Rich expertise and experience in cross-industry implementations based on flexible engagement models.

A strong workforce of 1600+ employees across the US, UK, Luxembourg, and India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cloud application development different from web applications?

Cloud applications are designed to run on the Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. These applications often utilize scalable and distributed computing resources. On the other hand, web applications are designed with a focus on delivering functionality over the internet and can be accessed through web browsers. These applications can be hosted on the Cloud platforms but they may not necessarily leverage Cloud-specific services or features.

How much does it cost to develop a Cloud application?

The cost of Cloud-native application development depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the application, platforms and cross-platform needs, engagement models, support services, and other related factors.

How do I choose a Cloud application development company?

When it comes to choosing a Cloud application development services provider, you need to look for a partner that has rich experience, strong technical skills & capabilities, and a keen desire to understand your business requirements and project vision.

How can I ease Cloud-based application development?

Cloud-native application development can be a nerve-wracking task. However, you can ease the development by partnering with Damco Solutions. Our tailored services are crafted to streamline the development process while ensuring unparalleled agility and efficiency. We specialize in integrating caching mechanisms, Cloud-based databases, and storage services to propel Cloud applications to new heights. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of Cloud-based applications.

Opting for Cloud application development services, how do I ensure that my idea and business practices are safe with the development company?

Business practices and ideas are certainly very crucial for every organization and we value the same. Before initiating the project, we share a non disclosure agreement to provide assurance and maintain the client-vendor privilege, where your ideas and practices remain safe.

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