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Client Profile

The client is an eminent UK-based company providing consulting, business management, research and training services to the automotive sector. They collaborate with original equipment manufacturers and dealers across the UK and assist them with tailor-made digital solutions, processes and best practices needed to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

The Challenge

Need for an experienced technology partner to augment the existing data mining application

The client provides a state-of-the-art data mining application to support their customers across the automotive sector. Their self-service application enables organizations to drill down into reports and access transformative insights for identifying opportunities and facilitating improved decision-making. The client needed a proficient technology partner to enhance their existing software and help their customers monitor key performance metrics (KPIs) more effectively across a spectrum of touchpoints.


Existing data mining application lacked powerful analytical and reporting capabilities

Client sought the expertise of a BI specialist to augment their application

The Solution

Data mining application augmented with Microsoft Power BI to improve business performance

In-depth assessment of existing application

Damco worked closely with the client to understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) they wanted to measure and monitor. Based on our assessment, we recommended Microsoft Power BI to boost their customer-facing analytics and reporting capabilities.

Microsoft Power BI to boost application

Damco provided the client with dedicated onsite and offshore teams of optimal size and composition on a BYT engagement model with desired functional and technical competence for customizing their existing application. By embedding Microsoft BI’s business intelligence technology into the client’s existing platform, we enabled their customers to instantly analyze their global supply chains and the performance of their partners instead of requiring to sift through hundreds of spreadsheets.

Custom dashboards with reports covering a range of themes

Our data specialists created a bespoke set of dynamic dashboards with reports/charts covering a wide range of themes including analytical reporting, enterprise reporting, financial analysis, inventory management, operational efficiency, supply chain analysis, transaction-level detail, trend analysis, and web reporting.

Real-time monitoring of business performance

Thanks to the enhanced application with custom dashboards, the customers could now identify weak spots in their supply chains in real-time and duly fix them to optimize costs, boost operational efficiencies, and enhance business performance.

Value Delivered

Revamped data mining application leading to improved supply chain efficiency, informed decision-making, and optimized costs

  • Power BI-driven dashboards facilitated clearer insights and better, more rational decision-making for the organization’s customers in the automotive sector
  • Users could pinpoint bottlenecks in their supply chains early on and address issues in a timely manner
  • Predictive analytics helped customers to easily discern trends and outperform the competition
  • Substantial improvement in operational efficiency led to higher customer satisfaction levels
  • In-depth insights opened their mind to further innovation. The customers now aimed to explore areas they could optimize further and benefit from.
Leverages Power BI to Revamp Data Mining Application

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