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Client Profile

The client is a large-scale manufacturing company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Established in the early 1990s, the client has grown to become a global provider of top-quality paints, glazes, enamels, and specialty coatings. It serves customers in 20+ countries through a formidable workforce comprising 30,000 employees across diverse business units and over 2,500 channel partners.

The Problem

Manual payment processing hampered operational efficiency

A key area of concern for the client was the management of payment for vendors. They had hundreds of vendors sending invoices in unstructured or semi-unstructured formats. Their teams had to manually pull the data from these invoices and enter it into their ERP systems. These repetitive, time-consuming tasks added to the burden of an already-strained workforce. They often had to stretch beyond their regular work hours, especially during the peak season.

Under such a scenario, the company recognized the need to work more efficiently to service its vendors. There was a pressing need to identify and automate specific processes to save time and boost operational efficiency.


Invoices with unstructured/semi-structured data made payment processing cumbersome

Mundane, time-consuming work put enormous strain on their workforce

The client urgently needed an automation solution to supercharge efficiency and improve resource utilization

The Solution

Implementation of an automation solution based on UiPath Document Understanding to streamline payment processing

UiPath Document Understanding

Damco’s RPA specialists assessed the challenges the manufacturing company was facing and, accordingly, decided to implement a solution based on UiPath Document Understanding. The framework blends AI and RPA to process documents automatically using bots. Trained to quickly read, comprehend, and act on the information in the invoices, the bots could work efficiently and with high levels of accuracy.

Standardized solution to work across geographies

The UiPath automation solution enabled the client’s workforce to deliver a superior end-user experience while focusing on more strategic, value-added work. Thanks to Damco’s RPA expertise, the client now had a standardized process that they could replicate across ERPs, vendors, and geographies.

Value Delivered

Automated payment processing resulting in higher workforce efficiency, improved resource allocation, and timely payments

  • The UiPath RPA solution demonstrated around 95% accuracy when reading invoice-related documents. The client aims to increase it to 97-98%.
  • The solution enabled the client to process invoices up to 75% faster. Over 65% of the invoiced are now handled without any human involvement.
  • The workload on the invoice-processing teams has been drastically reduced. Prior to the implementation of the UiPath robotic process automation, they used to process around 250000 invoices annually.
  • Faster processing time led to timely payments to vendors and other stakeholders, resulting in improved client-supplier relations.
  • Since the solution is scalable, the client can replicate it across other processes (e.g., for invoices sent to internal business units).
Automated Payment Processing with UiPath

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