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The Client Profile

The client is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed for professionals working in the legal, government law enforcement, corporate, risk management, accounting, and academic markets. Working with global leaders, the client would use its legacy systems and processes to deliver solutions, while struggling with efficiency and modern-day features offered by its competitors.

Client Objectives & Requirements

The client was dealing with issues pertaining to licensing overheads, administrative overheads, and technology debt because of their existing on-premise ecosystem, built on Drupal CMS. They wanted to migrate their on-premise product to the cloud as they struggled to cope with a growing clientele, leading to soaring costs of expanding and maintaining an on-premise IT environment. In spite of major spends on licensing, maintenance, and servers, the on-premise infrastructure could not scale up enough to meet the growing demands. Their IT team was burdened with a heavy load, leading to persistent and frequent breaches in compliance of SLA with clients and resulting in lower CSAT scores.

On a broader extent, the client faced a host of challenges and amid all of them, the biggest one was the high technical debt.

To solve this problem, the client partnered with Damco for its rich proficiency in hassle-free migration of the workloads to the cloud with minimal downtime and no data loss.

On-premise infrastructure not scalable enough to meet the growing demands

Licensing costs, administrative overheads, and technical debt soaring exponentially

Frequent breaches in compliance of SLA with clients lead to lower CSAT scores

The existing Drupal microsite architecture lacks high availability and auto-scaling

The Solution – Migration to AWS Cloud

The cloud migration approach that Damco had to take to reduce the client’s total cost of ownership (TCO) had to have ‘high availability and auto-scaling’ at the center. Keeping the same in mind, it was decided to host the existing product on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to offer high availability to customers.

Seasoned cloud professionals established the existing Drupal microsite architecture on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and configured AWS instances. Next step was meticulous migration of the entire data and content from on-premise databases along with Drupal microsites migration to new Drupal instances on AWS EC2 using both manual migration and automated scripts. Finally, existing workflows and third-party integration including Payment Gateway, Apache Solr search, and social media were redeveloped.

Learn more about AWS migration and how Cloud can help slash your high technical debt

Value Delivered – A Sharp Plunge in Soaring Technology Debt

Damco successfully migrated the existing product to AWS as planned and on budget. Our seasoned professionals performed a phase-wise migration of their on-premise ecosystem built on Drupal without disrupting the established infrastructure. This helped the client to continue their operations while the workloads got moved to the cloud simultaneously.

  • 58% reduction in technology debt
  • 63.17% improvement in product performance
  • 34.25% improvement in CSAT score
  • 2.2 million USD saving in the next 3 years by revamping the infrastructure

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