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Client Profile

The client is a leading US-based record management company with a special focus on healthcare related records. With the mission to improve data security and accessibility while ensuring regulatory compliance, the client extends end-to-end services including, document digitization, document scanning, file storage, mailbox solutions, records retention, OCR scanning, records storage, bulk scanning solutions, document scanning services, data extraction conversion, secure shredding, blue wrap recycling, and routine shredding.

The Problem

Huge data volumes and lack of optimized processes created gap in the entire workflow, leading to issues such as inefficient patient data extraction from different medical systems, poor data quality, increased costs, and delays in the delivery of specific patient dataset to address some unique business requirements of healthcare providers. Therefore, the client chose to outsource patient data extraction services to Damco Solutions to optimize their data extraction, processing and standardization workflows in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • Inefficient Retrieval of Patient Data: The client required a more efficient and streamlines process to extract vital patient data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), and other healthcare systems to ensure easy access to this information.
  • Error-prone Data Extraction: There was a strong need to maintain the accuracy and integrity of data during the extraction process as the data quality highly impacted the clinical decision-making and compliance with healthcare standards.
  • Need for Cost-efficient Optimization of Customized Workflows: The client required tailored data extraction process to meet the preferences of healthcare providers. Moreover, there was an imminent need to optimize this process cost-efficiently to reduce manual efforts, risk of errors, and operational overheads.
  • Lack of Standardized Data: There was absence of established patient data formats and structures to maintain the consistency within the extracted data.
  • Requirement of Comprehensive Data Reporting: The client required detailed reports and analytics on the extracted patient data.
  • Requirement of Easy to Scale, No Commitment Solution: Since the data volume varied, the client was looking for a scalable solution with no upfront commitments.


Ineffective and costly patient data retrieval process

Compromised data integrity and accuracy during the process

Utilization of manual labor

Absence of standardized patient data formats

Lack of detailed reporting on the extracted data

The Solution

Damco’s team of data professionals and data automation technology experts carefully analyzed the business challenges and associated requirements, and decided to implement a tailored, Robotic Process Automation powered technology solution in combination with human expertise that would not only optimize the key processes but would also expedite the delivery of accurate patient data.

Resource Allocation, Shift Planning & Guideline Documentation

  • For the efficient handling of routine requirement analysis, Damco assigned a dedicated manager as PoC to understand and prioritize requests while ensuring a streamlined workflow.
  • We assigned a team of 12 subject matter experts with a strong hold on EcW/HER/EMR portals and this team ensured the accuracy of data extraction and interpretation.
  • We further planned and implemented round the clock, multiple shifts to accelerate data extraction operations while optimizing the team’s productivity and meeting the project’s timelines.
  • We created and maintained a comprehensive guideline document which was updated for each data extraction request. This document served as the reference for standardization of data extraction process, further ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation to Support Large Volume of Data Extraction

  • The team implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for data extraction process through trained bots. These bots retrieved patient data from disparate sources while automating the redundant tasks and accelerating the extraction process.

Deployment of Automated Scripts for Data Integrity Checks

  • We deployed automated scripts to check patient folder names and identify documents which may have been damaged during the data transfer.

Development & Implementation of Automated Scripts for Data Quality Checks

  • The team developed and implemented automated scripts to perform quality checks on the downloaded data as these checks verified the accuracy of the data while flagging any inconsistencies and anomalies.

Establishment of a Robust Reporting Mechanism

  • We established a strong reporting mechanism through which daily and monthly summaries of deliveries made were shared with the client. These reports-maintained transparency while providing insights into the progress of the project and its outcomes.

The Benefits

Robotic Process Automation driven data extraction solution, combined with human expertise, improved data accuracy and compliance, while surpassing the client’s expectations for streamlined patient data extraction.

  • Enhanced Efficiency & Speed of Data Extraction Process: Significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of data extraction process through the hybrid automation approach while reduction in processing time.
  • Improved Accuracy & Reduced Errors: Enhanced precision through implementation of automation rules that reduced human errors and improved data accuracy.
  • Ease of Scalability: The hybrid RPA-powered solution ensured easy management of higher data volumes. With scalability of deploying more bots with growing data volumes, the solution could handle increased workload without any linear cost increase.
  • Uniform Data Quality: The use of predefined guidelines and RPA ensured consistency in the data extraction process, while eliminating variations that may occur with manual process.
  • Competitive Advantage: Leveraging the combination of human intelligence and RPA for the process of patient data extraction, the client gained a strong competitive edge by delivering more accurate and efficient healthcare services at lower cost.
automated data extraction - success story

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