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The Client

Headquartered in Massachusetts, the client is a well-known name in the healthcare technology domain, primarily focused on building patient management and engagement solutions for large hospital chains across the US, Mexico, Norway, and Singapore. It enables these organizations to improve service delivery through better data and patient management.

The Challenge

Building a tech team with deep expertise in the US healthcare industry and the capability to develop a scalable and seamless solution

Due to a lack of developers, budget constraints, and compliance issues, the client’s product upgrade plan was delayed. They were looking for a trustworthy software development partner with expertise in the US healthcare sector. Therefore, they engaged with Damco to enhance their patient management solutions with advanced features and functionalities. Below are some of the challenges faced by the client:

  • Difficulty in Finding a Qualified Data & Privacy Compliance Regulations Expert: Given the healthcare is a highly data-sensitive sector, the client required a software development partner with a strong understanding of GDPR, HIPAA and PCI, and other local compliances. However, finding developers and QA possessing knowledge of data and security compliance requirements proved to be a challenging task for the client.
  • Inability to Build a Qualified Tech Team: Since the client’s in-house team faced a shortage of senior developers resulting in higher TTM, they were looking for a software development partner who could help them with an external tech team. They, however, found it difficult to do so due to the rising cost of developers and shortage of tech talent.
  • Lack of Operational Flexibility: The client was unable to expand due to rising expense of hiring local developers and a scarcity of local tech talent. They aimed to establish an adaptable, dedicated tech team that could operate as an independent resource unit, providing them with technology support, human resources, and operational flexibility.


Difficulty in finding an external software partner with extensive knowledge of HIPAA, GDPR, and other local regulations

Shortage of developers and QA specialists with deep healthcare domain expertise

A sluggish software release cycle resulting in poor CX for users

Inadequate operational and budgetary flexibility

The Solution

Assembled a multi-stack tech team to meet the precise requirements of the client while fulfilling industry compliances

Post client’s approval, the Product Lab team began working alongside the client’s in-house technology team, as a part of the Build Your Tech Team model, while adhering to their established protocols. The client was satisfied with the engagement model as it provided resource flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ensured necessary compliance with data privacy and security.

Conducted Requirement Analysis

The Product Lab team initiated the process with a detailed techno-business requirement assessment. Based on the initial analysis, the team recommended hiring eleven tech experts with diverse skill sets including a business analyst, project coordinator, NodeJS developer, ReactJS developer, three backend developers, and two QC experts.

Initiated Onboarding

Damco’s HR team shared over 50 pre-vetted resumes from a pool of more than 500 developers with expertise in healthcare, technology and US data compliance.

Assembled a Dedicated Multi Tech Stack Team

Within six weeks, the entire onboarding process was completed, and the selected resources began working on the project. The Technical Project Manager from the Product Lab team assigned tasks based on the client requirement.

Prioritized Tasks and Allocated Resources

With a ready-to-do list, developers promptly began the code review and started building their understanding of the product. Given the challenging technical requirements, assignments were carefully matched with the resource skill sets to ensure timely delivery of project milestones.

Accelerated Release Cycle

After achieving clarity on the client’s requirements and expectations, Product Lab’s dedicated tech team accelerated the release cycle. We implemented RAPADIT framework overseen by a project manager, to meet the defined milestones.

Value Delivered

  • In just six months, the Product Lab tech team assumed complete ownership of the client’s codebase.
  • The collaboration between Product Lab and the client’s internal tech team significantly increased the client’s code velocity.
  • The Product Lab team helped the client release new features and updates 5X faster. Damco’s dedicated resource unit also enabled the client to cut down development and operational expenses by around 40%.
Value Delivered - Healthtech Company

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