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The Client Profile

The client is one of the leading providers of blockchain-based software solutions to enable live streaming and live ecommerce in the Metaverse. Their patented technology encompasses traditional content creation/delivery methods and blockchain-based systems.

The Need for an Intuitive NFT Marketplace

The client has a live streaming platform that allows users to instantly generate high-quality, custom 3D animated avatars using their faces. With a vast set of easy-to-use features and an extensive library of imaginative avatars, their blockchain-based platform has made the experience of meeting people in 3D/metaverse better.

However, the client wanted to go a step further and required assistance in enhancing sales and bolstering customer engagement on their existing platforms. They needed help in building a new web portal to enable more interactions by allowing users to buy and sell their digital collectibles directly.


Limited customer base

Limited revenue streams

Antiquated loyalty programs

No NFT marketplace

The Solution

Our team understood the client’s needs and business objectives to deliver a customized web portal to facilitate the minting, viewing, buying, and selling of digital collectibles (NFTs).

Building a web portal

Using React, a Javascript-based front-end application development library, Damco’s experts built an intuitive web portal with features like minting, viewing & buying digital collectibles, connecting wallet, viewing FAQs, and more.

These digital collectibles, or the 3D models, which the customers can use as avatars on live streaming, are minted on Ethereum blockchain by executing smart contracts. A logic was implemented that allowed minting of digital collectibles only through this platform.

Integration with Metamask wallet for transparency

The platform was integrated with Metamask wallet using the Web3Modal library to allow the customers to log in and use cryptocurrency for buying NFTs with a certain gas fee, as applicable on wallets.

NFTs get stored on IPFS, and the Hash IDs received from them are recorded on Blockchain once the user makes a purchase. The recorded Hash IDs are also shared with the customer to enhance transparency, ensuring the ownership rights.

Building a separate interface for the contract owner

Damco’s team also developed a separate interface for the contract owner, allowing them to set NFT prices, set minting limit for NFTs, update the base extension of NFT metadata, pause minting from the smart contracts, and more.

Discover What an NFT-Enabled Solution Can Do for Your Business

Value Delivered- Increase in Customer Base Along With Hassle-Free, Transparent NFT Transactions

With the implemented NFT-enabled solution, the client could realize the following changes:

  • The client reported a growing customer base and better sales numbers, owing to decentralized technology support.
  • Ethereum-based Blockchain platform provided them with more transparency and secured the NFT minting process from fraudulent transactions.
  • The web portal developed by Damco provided hassle-free transactions to enable the customers to buy and sell digital collectibles on the go.
Transparent NFT Transactions

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