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The Client Profile

The organization is a full-service Life Insurance company with over 6 decades of existence. It has a broad operational network spread across 22 countries around the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America. The client operates with the help of independent and career producers.

The Need for Sales Performance Management

The client was using Excel to visualize sales data and gain insights about their sales performance. They were in need of a sales dashboard for their entity heads to stay on top of their relevant sales KPIs. Due to lack of a centralized management system, the sales team was missing the visibility on their consolidated performance metrics like current and existing performance, pipeline, closures, etc. Instead, the officials had to gather information from multiple disparate systems which was manual and time-consuming.

The client required a consolidated platform to monitor details at a centralized place. They wanted to get weekly updates on the sales performance which otherwise got delayed due to outmoded processes. Thus, the client sought Damco’s assistance in creating an end-to-end performance dashboard for the sales team in a stipulated time frame. They wanted to build the solution from the industry standard data models that also included information with different LOB details.


Lack of a centralized management system

Less visibility of performance metrics

Manual management of customer information

Reports extraction done through different metadata layer

The Solution

Damco collaborated with the client and built a team of project manager, Data/ETL architect, and developers to produce a Sales Performance Dashboard using Tableau Desktop.

Creation of visual and intuitive dashboard with high impact

The team developed a visual and intuitive dashboard with high impact views of complex information combined from disparate sources. Also, the dashboard was built for analyzing agent, agency, and policy performances with real-time visualizations and descriptive analytics in the form of graphs and charts.

Development of descriptive dashboards for visibility into different KPIs

Filters were added to drill down into the details and quickly obtain the desired information. At each level, the user could get insights on policies submitted, settled, pending, and distance to the quota/ target. Additionally, descriptive dashboards were developed to be used and mapped to different criteria like policy count, agency, agent, territory, and sales hierarchy.

Integration of data using SSIS and migration to SQL server 2014

Data was extracted from the client’s two Insurance Administration Systems’ databases- GIAS and CAPSIL. All the dashboards were combined and transformed into a single platform allowing access to the entire information from one place. Data was integrated using SSIS and migrated to the reporting database i.e., SQL Server 2014.

Build your Sales Performance Dashboard with World-Class Support

Value Delivered – Customized Dashboard & Reporting for Sales Metrics

  • Robust and scalable platform with collated data
  • Vigilance and process transparency to the business heads
  • Automated processes to analyze sales data
  • Enhanced decision making power to the entity heads
  • Access to the updated KPI data with zero waiting time
  • Cleaner, consistent, and easy to understand information
Value Delivered – Customized Dashboard

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