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Client Profile

The client is a leading global provider of end-to-end, technology-enabled business solutions, including ERP, SCM, PLM, WMS, CRM, portal, e-Commerce, application development, project services, e-Learning, training, staffing, call center, and global sourcing solutions. For almost 30 years, the client has enabled global enterprises, regional companies, and government agencies to drive breakthrough performance through technology-driven solutions.

The Challenge

Need for a Mobile-based Retail Application to Optimize Inventory Management

The client wanted a mobile-based POS application that could allow retail store operators to browse or search through the products, add them to the cart, and post transactions to the back office. The application should also support barcode devices for adding items to the cart. The operators would carry the device with the POS application installed and build their cart from the retail store using a barcode or search feature and post the transaction.


Traditional POS systems didn’t offer the flexibility to post transactions from anywhere

No real-time inventory tracking system to help the retailer maintain optimal stock

Regular POS systems were expensive, bulky, and took too much space within the store

Managing customer information was cumbersome and time-consuming, and this led to low customer retention

Existing solutions lacked robust reporting capabilities to facilitate timely decision-making

The Solution

A Retail POS Application for iOS Platform

Damco collaborated with the client to develop a POS application for the iOS platform that can be used by over 500 concurrent users. Key features of the solution:

Product Catalog

The catalog consists of over 30,000 products that are updated in a nightly batch on a daily basis.


The POS application supports over 1 million transactions a day. This feature has been tested using Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) done by Damco testing CoE.

Customized Pricing

The product prices can be customized for individual customers and can be stored even in the local repository.


Since the iOS application cannot consume the Microsoft AX web services directly, a middleware was developed using ASP.NET technology. The middleware takes input from the application and posts requests to Microsoft AX web services and vice-versa.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

The transactions are posted from mobile POS as per configured business rules so that all back-end functions can be performed using Dynamics AX.

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Value Delivered

Better Inventory Management, Simplified Invoicing, and Improved Customer Insights

The mobile POS application has helped retailers served by the client realize significant benefits:

  • Inventory management is a breeze. Retail operators can move around the store and add items to the cart using bar code device and post transactions
  • Improved operational efficiency as store operators can perform high-volume transactions within a short span of time, and that too while on the move
  • Integration with Avalara Tax API has facilitated an accurate assessment of taxes
  • Daily sales reports offer insights into how their business is performing at any point in time, enabling better decision-making
  • Detailed information on customers allows retailers to get an overview of their target audience and offer personalized service
  • Back-office can perform different functions on the transactions posted from mobile POS (e.g.create and post statements)
  • Simplified order fulfilment for the posted transactions

Improved Inventory Management With Custom POS Application

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