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Client Profile

The client is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization working to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities. Working with a network of over 500 local groups, the organization supports over 10,000 people and their families across Delaware, Ohio, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The Challenge

The non-profit organization faced issues in managing multiple disparate systems for accounting, sales, asset management, invoicing, and reporting. As these systems weren’t integrated with each other, the organization struggled to get a unified view of its business operations. Besides, most of these systems were not up-to-date and had limited functionalities. The client needed a comprehensive solution to provide them with a single source of truth.

Also, they onboarded new equipment suppliers almost every year but didn’t have a robust solution to streamline various aspects of vendor management-onboarding, contract renewal, payments, and communication. They also needed to have a clear understanding of where their funds came from so that they could channel their fundraising efforts and foster long-term relationships with donors.


Lack of an integrated platform to manage operations across various business units

Inability to monitor operations in real-time, leading to delayed decision-making

Lack of a vendor management solution to simplify collaboration with suppliers

No platform to track funds and grants and cultivate lasting relationships with donors

The Solution

After a thorough examination of the client’s business needs, Damco implemented an all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution comprising ERP, CRM, and Power BI.

Intuitive Dashboards for a 360-degree view of operations

Dynamics 365 dashboards allowed the stakeholders to get a holistic view of their operations across all business units-sales, asset management, invoicing, and more.

CRM for tracking donor transactions

Dynamics CRM enabled the client to have a complete view of donor transactions and commitments and generate reports to understand where the funds came from.

Vendor management tool to streamline collaboration with suppliers

Vendor management tools were implemented to help the non-profit collaborate effectively with suppliers and automate onboarding, payments, and contract renewal.

Power BI for generating insightful reports

Integration with Power BI enabled the client to create business-critical reports related to monthly sales and grants collection and gain data-driven insights.

Value Delivered

A comprehensive solution to manage funds, sales, inventory, and reporting on one platform

  • Integration of data improved synergies across business units leading to improved productivity and growth.
  • Real-time insights into sales, finances, and grants helped eradicate operational bottlenecks and boosted overall efficiency.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities reduced the latency in decision-making.
  • Automated workflows allowed for timely payments and seamless communication with suppliers, leading to improved client-vendor relations.
  • Owing to a better understanding of the donor’s behavior and source of funds, the non-profit could optimize their fundraising initiatives.
Value Delivered - Non-profit Organization

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