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The Client

Based out of Dubai, UAE, the client offers a range of high-quality floor-cleaning equipment parts including brushes, filters, batteries, and squeegees. They also have a dedicated team providing top-of-the-line maintenance and repair services to organizations, helping them keep their floor care equipment in excellent working condition.

The Problem

The client was facing an array of challenges in manually managing service requests for the repair and maintenance of floor-cleaning equipment. As the requests were primarily received and assigned through phone calls, the entire process was time-consuming and cumbersome. Maintaining a record of work orders on disparate Excel sheets often led to data duplication, typos, and inconsistencies. Plus, manually entering data and searching for information slowed down workflows and hampered productivity.

Working with manual systems also meant that the changes or updates to work orders were often not immediately visible to all the stakeholders; this considerably affected efficiency. Besides, as the volume of service requests surged, scaling up operations became a significant challenge. Also, Excel sheets offered limited capabilities for advanced reporting and analysis.


Manually handling work orders led to delays and affected productivity

Maintaining work order-related data on spreadsheets introduced errors, data duplication, and inconsistencies

Inability to update work orders in real-time impacted operational efficiency

Limited scope for extracting meaningful insights from Excel sheets

Lack of a specialized work order application made it difficult to scale operations

The Solution

Feature-rich work order management solution by leveraging the RAPADIT framework

Damco’s development team collaborated with the key stakeholders in the organization to understand their business objectives. Our mobile app developers leveraged pre-built components of the RAPADIT framework including templates, design elements, controls, and functionalities to quickly build and launch a market-ready application in a timeframe of just 4 months. This saved around 30% of the development time and effort.

Here are the key features of the work order management solution:

Work Order Creation

Once the managers receive a repair or maintenance request from a customer, a digital ticket is automatically created. Information such as details of the issue, priority level, deadline for completion, etc. can be added to create a work order.

Work Order Scheduling

A scheduling dashboard enables managers to view the status of all work orders, assign work orders to the right technicians, and prioritize work orders requiring immediate attention. Once assigned, the technician gets notified of the work order along with all the information necessary to implement the task.

Custom Dashboards

The application’s advanced dashboard and reporting functionality allow the client to gain insights into the performance of their field operations. Users can view and monitor first-time fix rates, time spent on any work order, and statuses of high-priority tasks, and thus analyze gaps in service experience.

Work Order Update

After completing the maintenance/repair task, the technicians can update the status of the work order. They can confirm updates by adding important information in the form of photos of the site and repaired equipment and notes on tasks that were performed or need to be performed.

Offline Availability

Technicians can access all important information related to the tasks on the work order application even in the absence of an internet connection.

Value Delivered

Enhanced productivity, improved customer service, and reduced operational expenses

  • The work order management solution eradicated manual systems and cumbersome paperwork, supercharging client’s productivity.
  • Since the technicians have all the information beforehand, they can assess the issue better and complete the tasks faster; this considerably reduces equipment downtime.
  • Real-time tracking of work has enabled the client to deliver high-quality service and boost customer loyalty.
  • Streamlined workflows have enabled the client to bring down repeat site visits, slash overheads, and scale operations seamlessly.
Value Delivered - Order Management Solutions

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