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The Client Profile

The client is a boutique branding agency specializing in digital ingenuity and creative design. They offer a whole gamut of creative and branding services in the areas of design, consulting, events, social media, content, and advertising.

The Challenge

Lack of a Centralized Solution to Monitor Projects and Employee Workload

As its business kept growing, the client felt the need for an integrated solution for managing its projects and employee workload. The client realized that siloes were forming across its existing work management platforms. This created competing sources of truth and made it hard to maintain a single, high-level view of activities across the organization.

With several projects going on simultaneously, it had become challenging for the client to keep track of the allocated budget, actual costs, and time consumed for each project. Likewise, with a growing client base, it has become difficult to monitor employee workload for the client tasks allocated to them. They needed a centralized platform to break down these organizational silos and bring everything into one place.


No integrated platform to manage projects and employee workload

Lack of a single source of truth on account of multiple work management platforms

Difficulty in tracking time and cost spent on each project

Difficulty in tracking employee workload for tasks allocated to them

Organization-wide siloes hindering a high-level view of activities and projects

The Solution

Project Management Platform Using and Omnitas Time Reporting Solution

Customized Project Management Solution Using and Omnitas Time Reporting Solution

Damco’s tech experts worked closely with the client to comprehend their business processes and implemented a bespoke solution using work OS and Omnitas Time Reporting Solution. The solution included the following:

  • Creation of dashboards with different sets of customizable widgets to present data in a structured, easy-to-understand manner.
  • A budgeted vs actual hours widget based on the allocated time frame for each project.
  • A project billing widget to generate invoices at the end of each month.
  • A client-wise task status vs due date widget monitors the status of all tasks at a glance.
  • A project-wise budgeted vs actual time widget to track the productivity of each employee.

Watch Our Bespoke Project Management Solution in Action

Value Delivered

Higher Operational Efficiency and Improved Employee Productivity

  • The solution built by Damco has enabled the client to manage all projects from one place, eliminating the need for disparate work management platforms.
  • The client now leverages dashboards to track the time and cost spent on each project and get work done faster and cost-effectively.
  • Report generated through allows the client to analyze how they fared on various key performance indicators.
  • Productivity is at an all-time high; Omnitas Time Tracking Software enables them to monitor the time an employee spends on various tasks.
  • Automation of project approvals and tasks allows the client to streamline workflows and save valuable hours earlier spent on manual work.
  • Monitoring the status of all tasks in real-time helps the client optimize the task workload of every employee.
Improved Employee Productivity

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