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Client Profile

The client is a major auto and home insurance company based out of North Carolina, USA. They have been offering auto insurance since 1901. They provide a full suite of products and services to millions of customers, from roadside assistance to insurance to travel support.

The Need for a robust and responsive support and maintenance service, and a seamless migration!

  • The client was operating on a legacy insurance application, IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems. It required proactive maintenance support for peak performance of the application. But they distributed the data in the application across hundreds of database tables with no supporting documents.
  • The client had recently extended their business to a new state in the United States, which required scaling up their existing AS400 applications to accommodate the new data for this new state. Their system also had to incorporate new regulations with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.
  • The client also had acquired a new insurance company, and the data of the new company needed to be migrated to the existing database of our client’s. But, they had completely different database structure to our client’s which looked almost incompatible at first for the migration activity to be successful.

Lack of supporting documents for complex data storage in AS400 system application

Acquired company’s database structure is incompatible with parents

Strong need of maintenance support for the legacy IBMi AS400 application

Need for data migration without business disruption

The Solution

The client was using legacy applications such as SIPS and POINT for handling of quotes, claims, endorsements and enquiries. Damco scaled up their legacy applications to accommodate full migrated data from an acquired insurance company without disrupting the applications. During the AS400 data migration, changes were made at data and code level with minimal effect on the existing applications.

24/7 Support and maintenance for multiple AS400 applications

Damco provided 24/7 production support for their legacy system servers and applications. Damco performed batch processing of all consolidated policy documents which were sent to a third-party vendor for storage and printing. The health of the overall system was tracked through reports which were produced in every 2 hours daily.

Seamless data migration between databases with different database structures

We updated their legacy system-based applications to accommodate data from the acquired insurance company into their current database without disrupting the business. Complex changes were made diligently at data and code level to make the migration successful.

Updated applications to meet business demands from the expanded state

Damco also scaled up their existing legacy-system applications to accommodate new data related to the additional business demands from the new-state expansion.

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Value Delivered

Seamless migration, maintenance and support with minimal effect on existing application

  • Met client’s aggressive deadlines by delivering two major projects simultaneously
  • Cost savings through implementation of best practices during migration, support and maintenance activities
  • Successfully migrated acquired company’s database to the existing database of client with zero business downtime
  • More stable system with minimal downtime powered by 24/7, robust and responsive support services
AS400 System Application

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