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Client Profile

The client is a leading independent health and adult social care regulator in the United Kingdom (UK) Region. The client regulates all health and social care services in the UK Region, ensuring the quality and safety of care in hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes, and the care given in people’s own homes.

The Challenge

The client wanted to manage its huge data volumes that were in different formats in the form of assessments and confidential healthcare-related reports with massive texts. They needed an accurate extraction of meaningful data from these reports, while preserving the unique text format as per reports and assessments. They also wanted this extracted data to be entered in a standard format with very high accuracy. Overall, the client wanted robust, flexible, and cost-effective data processing services, which included extraction, management, and entry of confidential datasets.

  • Ease of Data Management: The client required easy management of high volumes of data present in different reports and assessments with massive texts.
  • Diverse Forms of Data Formats: Data to be captured from reports and assessments was in different formats, and the client required the finalized data in MS Access and MS Excel 2000 formats.
  • Preservation of Text Formatting: Each text field of reports and assessments had unique formatting and required the same text formatting in the final datasets.
  • Higher Data Accuracy: The client required accuracy levels of 99.99%, leaving no room for error.


Huge volumes of data to be processed consisting of confidential reports and assessments with massive texts

Diverse data formats in different reports and assessments

Preservation of unique text formatting while capturing the meaningful data

Required data accuracy of 99.99%

The Solution

Damco’s team of data support services carefully analyzed the business challenges and associated requirements and decided to implement double entry and triple verification data processing methodology to deliver the highest data accuracy levels.

Solution Roadmap Establishment & Resource Allocation

  • Damco worked in association with the client to understand their critical pain points and proposed a detailed solution that was flexible, scalable, robust, and above all, cost-effective.
  • A dedicated team of ten data support professionals was assigned for the project.

Pilot Initiation for Data Processing Operations

  • The team initiated the pilot phase with the data volume comprising of 20 reports and assessments in one day to lay down the foundational process workflow.

Implementation of Data Processing

  • We carried out data processing while utilizing the methodology of double entry and triple verification to ensure the highest standard of data accuracy.
  • Additionally, we defined workflows to ensure consistency.

Establishment of Training Sessions

  • Damco conducted intensive training sessions for the deployed team to meet the committed high data processing accuracy.

Utilization of Secure Server

  • The team utilized a secured server to store data and SFTP was created to push the data.

The Benefits

Double entry and triple verification data processing captured business-critical data from different reports and assessments, thus resulting in easy data management and analysis of historical data.

  • In-depth Analysis of Historical Data: Data captured from different formats and managed in the standard format that helped the client perform an in-depth analysis of the historical data for improved decision-making and enhanced patient care management.
  • Improved Data Security & Confidentiality: Significant improvement in data security and confidentiality as a secure server was used to store the datasets.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Double entry and triple verification methodology ensured 99.99% data accuracy.
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