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Client Background

The client is a Princeton-based Fintech company providing a range of financial services such as corporate crowdlending, mobile point-of-sale (POS) payments, and individual marketplace lending.

The Challenge

Need for an Integrated Talent Management Solution

The client’s existing talent acquisition process involved heavy use of Excel spreadsheets and a tremendous amount of paperwork. The absence of an integrated platform for talent management had resulted in data silos, a result of which crucial information on candidates was often missed out.

All hiring-based communication was carried out using emails. The HR had to send multiple emails to confirm interviewer availability, schedule interviews through Teams, and seek candidate feedback. As the feedback forms were shared through emails, HR had to manually check these forms. Also, the feedback was usually late and not as detailed and specific as it should have been.

Silos formed across departments prevented timely sharing of information; the management and hiring managers had no visibility into which departments are hiring and how the hiring pipeline functioned.


Lack of a centralized platform to manage end-to-end talent acquisition

Spreadsheet and paper-based work made hiring cumbersome and time-consuming

Siloed data led to missing out on vital candidate information

Delayed feedback due to use of emails for hiring-related communication

Absence of a single source of truth hindered sharing of information across departments.

The Solution

Damco collaborated with the client to design a Power Platform Solution to help their HR maintain a centralized repository and have all the data related to candidates, interviewer feedback, and open positions in one location.

Tailored Power Platform Solution

  • The entire talent acquisition process is digital now. Candidate information is entered manually or uploaded through Excel.
  • The interviews are scheduled through PowerApps UI which connects to Microsoft Teams to generate meeting links.
  • The interviewers are duly notified of any upcoming meetings as well as pending candidate feedback. As a result, the feedback is provided in a timely manner.
  • With all data in one place, the management has access to department-wise reports on the hiring pipeline and other relevant information.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Power Platform


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Value Delivered

Streamlined Hiring Process Leading to Improved Operational Efficiency and Better-Quality Candidates

  • The client has automated their talent acquisition process with a dedicated UI and functionality to schedule interviews, give feedback, and generate insightful reports.
  • Creation of a centralized database has eliminated silos and offered visibility into all hiring-related information
  • Timely notifications have resulted in faster, detailed interviewer feedback
  • Enhanced transparency in the hiring pipeline has enabled HR to source, evaluate, and hire quality candidates
  • 35% reduction in the time spent in scheduling meetings
  • 41% reduction in the average time spent in hiring a candidate

Value Delivered

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