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Client Profile

The client is a Philadelphia-based fintech company that empowers asset allocators with the tools needed to build portfolios, manage risk, and select investment managers. They also have a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool designed for investment managers to help them gauge their standing in the eyes of investors and consultants.

The Challenge

The client was struggling to maintain their existing on-premises investment portfolio product due to performance issues. These issues not only hampered user experience but also increased operational costs, straining the client’s financial resources.

Additionally, the client’s investment portfolio product was developed in-house using different technologies for different components. The heterogeneous technology stack created challenges in maintaining the product and implementing updates, hindering scalability and agility. The diverse tech stack also contributed to high maintenance costs.

A significant portion of the client’s resources was allocated to maintaining the product. This left little room for innovation and the integration of advanced, user-friendly features. As a result, the client risked falling behind competitors who were offering more innovative solutions.


Existing product difficult to maintain due to performance issues

High operational costs strained the client’s financial resources

Adoption of a diverse array of technologies hindered scalability and agility

Limited focus on innovation and addition of new features

The Solution

Modernization of the investment portfolio product as a cloud-native SaaS solution

Modernization of Legacy Product

Damco collaborated with the client to modernize their legacy investment portfolio product. Our team upgraded their existing system using the latest technologies to enhance performance, efficiency, and scalability.

Transition to Cloud-Native Multi-Tenant SaaS Product

Our team of experts rebuilt and re-architected the product as a cloud-native multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution using Python, Angular, AWS Services, and Amazon API Gateway. The cloud-native solution paved the way for enhanced flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and resilience.

Implementation of Microservices Architecture

We transformed the entire SaaS solution into a microservices architecture by leveraging AWS Infrastructure and native services. This microservices approach allowed the decomposition of the legacy solution into smaller, independently deployable services, resulting in improved maintainability, agility, and reliability.

Redesign of User Interface

The product’s user interface was completely overhauled according to the latest design principles and user experience standards. We developed an intuitive UI with interactive dashboards and reports using the Angular framework.

Re-development of Existing Modules

Damco re-developed the existing modules to ensure compatibility with the modernized microservices architecture and the latest technology stack. By revamping modules such as Return Simulator, Skill Screening, Skill Analysis, Style Analysis, and Portfolio Analysis, we ensured the continuity of critical functionalities while maximizing the benefits of the platform.

Value Delivered

Reduced costs, increased customer acquisition, and improved CSAT score

  • Damco helped the client transition to a cloud-native SaaS model, resulting in cost savings of around 1.8 million USD in just 2 years.
  • The client saw a notable increase in customer acquisition rates and an improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score due to enhanced user experience.
  • With the modernization, the client could allocate resources toward further enhancing their SaaS product, enabling the addition of contemporary, innovative features.
Value Delivered - Fintech Customer Acquisition

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