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The Client

The client, one of the leading financial services institutions in the Middle East, caters to the financing needs of its diversified customer base through a wide range of loans-home loans, automobile loans, consumer loans, education loans, and SME loans. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the client has a commendable presence across several countries in the region including Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain.

The Challenge

Need for an AI-driven solution to automate call center processes and mitigate the burden on agents

The client was unable to provide top-notch customer service on account of the high volume of calls handled by its agents, leading to agent burnout. Their call centers had to manage around 6000 incoming queries (related to credit score, bad debts, loan restructuring, etc.) every month all of which consumed the majority of time of these agents. Needless to say, this left them little time to focus on revenue-generating calls.

The client’s team sought a transformative solution that could help them automate a portion of the incoming requests and reduce agent burnout. By reducing the number of calls routed to agents, the client could make their agents focus on upselling and cross-selling and promote a sales-driven culture, as opposed to just a service-driven one.


Agents experienced burnout as they serviced an overwhelmingly large volume of calls

Agents could not provide top-of-the-line customer experience

The client needed to foster a revenue-driven call center culture

The Solution

An intuitive voice-enabled virtual assistant system deployed on the client’s IVR

Voice-Enabled Virtual Assistant System

The client needed a cost-effective conversational AI solution that was easy to implement, customize, and maintain. Damco’s team comprising AI specialists collaborated with the client to assess their requirements in detail and developed an intuitive voice-enabled virtual assistant system.

Built-in Workflows for Automation

Deployed on the client’s IVR system, the AI solution had over 200 built-in workflows as well as domain terms, which made it easy for the client to automate its call center processes. All customer service calls are now automatically directed to the virtual assistant system that understands users’ intent and responds to queries instantly. If the customer explicitly asks for an agent’s support, the call gets routed to an agent. As a result, the client has been able to achieve a staggering containment rate of 55%.

Value Delivered

AI-powered virtual assistant system reduced agent-serviced calls leading to higher operational efficiency and improved customer experience

  • Streamlining of call center processes reduced the burden on agents who can now focus on outbound sales calls, leading to higher upselling and cross-selling.
  • Customer experience is better and more seamless than ever before; agents can address and resolve queries instantly. Average wait time was reduced by nearly 3x.
  • A containment rate of nearly 55% boosted agent productivity and improved employee satisfaction levels.
Virtual assistant system

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