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Client Profile

Established in 2012, the client is a Cleveland-based software company that specializes in building wayfinding solutions that help healthcare businesses turn their physical venues into intelligent spaces. They deliver innovative, hardware-agnostic technology solutions that simplify indoor navigation, enhance visitor experiences, optimize staff efficiency, and drive additional revenue.

The Challenge

Healthcare providers, including hospitals and medical centers, often grapple with efficiently guiding patients, visitors, and staff through complex building layouts and ever-changing conditions. While most premises have static signage in place, ongoing renovations and changes make the information on signage out-of-date. Recognizing this challenge, the client aimed to develop a comprehensive wayfinding platform that could seamlessly integrate with their customers’ existing infrastructure. The primary objective was to create a user-friendly and intuitive solution accessible across multiple touchpoints, including digital displays, web browsers, and mobile devices.


Sub-par navigation experience for patients and visitors due to intricate layouts and interconnected buildings

Static signage often rendered unusable and obsolete due to ongoing changes

Pressing need for a comprehensive wayfinding solution to address these shortcomings

The Solution

Development of an End-to-End Indoor Wayfinding Platform for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Requirement Assessment

Damco collaborated closely with the client to conduct a detailed requirement assessment and finalize product design. Our team gained a thorough understanding of various challenges through regular conversations with key stakeholders.

Development of a Comprehensive Wayfinding Platform

Damco designed and developed a high-performing indoor wayfinding platform that provides visitors and employees with step-by-step directions to various departments, labs, and patient rooms through blue dot positioning, animated walking routes, and turn-by-turn prompts. Users can receive real-time updates on crowded routes, closures, or delays, enabling them to optimize their journeys.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The solution offers multi-channel accessibility across digital signages, web browsers, and mobile devices. It also supports features like hybrid indoor positioning using geomagnetic technology, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for an exceptional user experience.


The solution is ADA-compliant; its features like color contrast adjustments and keyboard navigation support are designed for users with special needs.

Value Delivered

Improved customer satisfaction scores, enhanced workforce productivity, and superior user experience

  • The application enabled patients and visitors to navigate complex spaces confidently, raising customer satisfaction scores and amplifying the social media presence of healthcare providers.
  • Integrated pre-planning, mobile access, and kiosks reduced staff interruptions by up to 33%, leading to improved workforce efficiency.
  • Implementation of the new system tackled the problem of confusing buildings, inconsistent information, and the negative impact poor navigation had on operations and efficiency.
Value Delivered - Indoor Wayfinding App

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