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The Client Profile

The client is one of the largest privately held property and casualty insurance companies in Florida region of United States that provide a high quality and low-cost insurance product to the non-standard automobile insurance market.

Outdated AS400 Applications Struggling to Keep Up with Increasing Market Demand

  • The client was using legacy IBM iSeries (AS/400) system to host their policy and claims management applications and for database storage they were leveraging the secure relational database manager, DB2.
  • As their business was scaling up, both the legacy system-based policy and claims management applications failed to cope up with the additional business requirements, leading to business failing to meet the changing market demands.
  • The client wanted a modern system that would provide flexibility to cope up with the evolving business processes without disrupting the existing legacy IBM iSeries (AS/400) applications. The application also had poor user experience (green screen) and was not accessible to users (agents) across all locations.
  • The new users were also facing challenges to operate the legacy applications smoothly due to limited knowledge around IBMi system user interface (UI). This led to increase in training time for the new users to handle policy administration and claims management processes related activities.

Legacy application failing to scale and meet changing business and market demands.

Application was unavailable to agents across all locations.

Poor user experience leading to poor utilization of the application.

The Solution

Damco and the client collaborated to modernize their legacy system-based policy and claims management applications to meet changing business demand and user accessibility, and developed a new user interface (UI) for better user experience-led adoption.

Modernized legacy applications for improved user accessibility and meet new business requirements

Damco rearchitected the applications leveraging cloud-native microservices based architecture leveraging .Net Core, HTML, Azure Services, C#, PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ to improve accessibility of the applications anytime, anywhere.

Damco also redesigned the UI of the applications using modern front-end technologies with contemporary theme and style guide.

Developed a New UI for the application front-end to improve user experience

For the back-end, Damco redeveloped the applications to have better user features including generation and servicing of policy documents, ID Cards and handling of Quotes, New Policies, Renewals, Endorsements, Inquiries, etc.

Seamless integration with third party applications without any disruptions

In order to scale up its functionality, seamless system integrations were done with third party applications such as Agency Management Applications, PC Rater Systems, Comparative Raters and more. Azure API Gateway was configured for API management ensuring reliable and secure access to the platform post integration.

Modernize Your Legacy IBMi System To Be Future-Ready!

Value Delivered

A modernized system that scales with business and delivers an exceptional user experience!

  • Overall, the new UI of the modernized application helped client achieve an improvement of 38% in application users’ productivity
  • Training time reduced by 20% resulting in faster onboarding, training, and placement of agents on the field
  • Cloud-native application enabled country wide secure access anytime to applications, reducing paper-based and excel-based process resulting in improved business process
IBM iSeries (AS/400) Modernization System

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