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The Client Profile

Headquartered in New York, the client is a software vendor offering cloud-based service commerce platform that enables business owners to sell their services online. The client helps service providers such as salons, lash salons, blow dry salons, spas, float spas, and cryotherapy spas enhance their customer base, book appointments, process payments, manage employees, and build long-term customer relationships.

The Challenge

Need for a Solution to Streamline Service Providers’ Bookings

The client needed a service commerce platform with features like booking, payment, customer management, and marketing that could integrate seamlessly with service providers’ existing websites and help them manage their operations effortlessly. Business owners should be able to customize the design of their booking flow to match their branding; their customers should be able to see a ‘Book Now’ button on the website’s homepage and view available time slots as well as detailed descriptions of all the services. A scheduling feature with a calendar should remind users of upcoming appointments and reduce the incidence of no-shows.


No comprehensive solution to help service providers manage end-to-end customer operations

Lack of a user-friendly booking system to effectively engage and convert users

Frequent cancellations and no-shows resulting in a loss of revenue, wastage of resources and an overall decline in productivity

Existing system wasn’t scalable enough to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users

Absence of multi-device compatibility and flexible payment modes further throttled business growth

The Solution

State-Of-The-Art Service Commerce Platform

Damco partnered with the software vendor for the development, enhancement, and testing of their service commerce platform that supports a host of features including internationalization, localization, multi-device (desktop, mobile, tablets), cross-browsers, custom workflows, analytics, widgets and reports. Key features of the solution:


A scheduler enables customers to view daily appointments by time or by stylist, available time slots, as well as detailed descriptions of services. Service providers can now streamline resource availability by managing staff, equipment and facilities on one centralized platform.

Multi-layered N-tier architecture

Built on a multi-tier architecture using Xlib, the software is easy to scale and maintain. The N-tier architecture allows for seamless code maintainability, security, performance, interoperability and third-party integration.

Robust Cloud Support

The platform is hosted on multi-servers to ensure interrupted availability through autoscaling. Microsoft Azure and other cloud services have been used to augment performance and provide analytical capabilities. JSON Web Token (JWT) guarantees 100% security.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Multi-device compatibility offers the convenience to book services through the device of choice-desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Booking through social media platforms such as Facebook has also been enabled.

Flexible Payment Options

The ability to pay through multiple channels including credit card, check, mobile payment, and gift certificates enhances customer experience and augments conversions. Also, the integration of POS software with customers’ credit card processors allows the real-time processing of transactions.


Notifications reduce no-shows by duly reminding customers of their upcoming appointments.

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Value Delivered

Higher Average Daily Bookings, Enhanced Online Visibility, and Better Operational Insights

  • End-to-end customer journey enhancement has reduced the churn rate significantly. Also, the clients saw a jump in average daily bookings by around 32%
  • Improvement in critical metrics like website traffic and average time on site has helped certain service providers realize up to a 40% boost in earnings
  • Greater visibility on social channels and listing portals has further reinforced their online reputation
  • Integration with POS offers service providers in-depth insights into their operations and customers
Value Delivered

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