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The Client Profile

The client is one of the largest Group Holding Companies from Jamaica that operates across different industries, including Manufacturing, Financial, Marketing, and Distribution. It manages the business with over 130 dedicated servers to work seamlessly with its global trade.

Client Objectives & Requirements

The client’s existing workloads and applications were deployed on four different on-premise data centers, gradually becoming incapable of handling the growing business needs. As a result, the client started facing a host of challenges including high upfront investment for purchasing and provisioning additional on-premise infrastructure, dedicated resources required for maintaining the data centers, and difficulty in computing capacity with on-premise deployments. Their team was aware of the fact that migrating the workloads and applications to the cloud would help them reap far-reaching business returns besides significant cost savings. The client partnered with Damco, for our cloud migration expertise to gain flexibility, scalability, and agility to meet the growing business demands.

Damco Solutions took a unique approach to deal with the client’s pain points. After meticulous analysis of the client’s existing infrastructure, operations, and processes, we organized a cloud assessment workshop with the client and their stakeholders to understand the current operational costs. We started the project by building an ROI-driven roadmap. Also, we recommended lift and shift migration would be the most suitable strategy to move the workloads and applications on AWS Cloud while minimizing downtime.


Workload deployed on 4 on-premise incapable data centers

High investment on expanding on-premise infrastructure

Additional cost on dedicated resources for maintenance

On-premise deployment not able to handle the computing capacity

The Solution – Phased migration of servers to AWS

Phased migration of servers to AWS

We began the migration in a phased manner by designing and implementing an AWS Account Structure and VPC coupled with setting up a migration factory to move 130+ servers to AWS. This included implementation of the software build and release process using Jenkins and Git. We developed a TCO model that enabled customers to analyze forecasted AWS costs vs. actual costs. With our seamless AWS migration process, the client gained elasticity and scalability of the cloud they needed without making any modifications in their applications.

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Value Delivered

Damco Solutions successfully managed to reduce the high downtime associated with the migration of data centers from on-premise to AWS. Our seasoned professionals performed the migration in a phased manner, enabling the client to continue their business operations, while the workloads and applications were deployed to the cloud simultaneously. With cloud deployment, the client witnessed a significant improvement in operational efficiency, reduced high IT operational expenses, and achieved high scalability and agility that were required to meet the growing business demands.

  • 62.45% improvement in operational efficiency
  • 50% reduction in IT operational expenses
  • Support 100,000 requests per second
  • 10x dynamic scaling
  • TCO justified costs
Value Delivered – Reduced IT Complexity

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