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Neha Panchal
Neha Panchal Updated on Apr 10, 2024  |  4 Min Read

Welcome to the era of digital publishing and eBooks! For many of us, especially those who are avid readers, the first thing that pops up in the head while thinking of digital publishing solutions and eBook publishing are simply blogs and eBooks. However, you would be surprised to know the extent of digital publishing has reached. There are countless files in PDF, EPUB, MOBI and HTML format and not requiring any more of papers!- But what is driving this expansion? On average, an individual spends more than 7 hours each day watching, reading, and listening to digital content. As compared to the print content, digital content is quite ubiquitous, and we are eating it up!

digital publishing solutions

The roots of digital publishing can be traced back to the year 1971; however, it was during early 2010 when digital publishing experienced an acceleration powered by changes in Google’s algorithm and massive adoption of mobile apps eBook publishing became a highly cost-effective substitute to traditional book publishing. There are no associated overheads such as shipping or printing costs with digital publication services, making it a preferred choice for new authors, publishers, and marketers with a tight budget.

Moreover, tailored eBook publishing services, including eBook conversion and eBook formatting services, have a significant impact on publishers and authors alike. Through these services, publishers have access to new publishing models with an expanded reach in the most cost-efficient manner. On the other hand, authors now have creative freedom and self-publishing potential.

From Hardcover to Screen: How Professional are Turning Tables for Publishers & Authors

For publication houses to leverage the benefits of digital publishing, it is imperative to understand and have the essential talent for eBook conversion and formatting services. While establishing this capacity in-house may not be time or cost-feasible–outsourcing the requirement to professional eBook conversion is efficient and faster. Associating with a professional vendor allows you to reap out benefits as mentioned below:

1. Operational Excellence

Digitizing the titles and delivering an exceptional reader experience requires dedicated time and resources. The outsourcing vendors have multi-dimensional perspectives, streamlined processes, a time-tested blend of workflows, and a pool of competent professionals with hands-on experience in the process of digital publishing. They facilitate publishers to optimize the publishing pipeline and operational expenditure without affecting the quality of outcomes. These professional providers leverage the best-fit tools to help publishers/writers/authors digitize titles, thereby expanding their reach. Using their expertise, they assist the clients to give a world-class look-and-feel to the eBooks and other materials while abiding by the best publishing standards.

2. Competitive Edge

Associating with an experienced vendor allows publishers, writers, authors, and corporations to release an aesthetic product by creating unique layouts and providing flexible conversion solutions. They know what it takes to ensure the reader’s engagement and confidence in a product and strive to deliver captivating eBooks, audio books, and digitized titles. Many digital publishing solution providers offer typesetting consultation and eBook cover design services, thus enabling the companies to differentiate through their offerings. They also help publishers to diversify business models by syndicate/affiliate distribution or collaborating with different online media, resulting in an expanded outreach.

3. Enhanced ROI

Engaging professional eBook conversion allow the traditional publishers to seamlessly convert titles into the preferred file format, thereby maximizing cross-platform compatibility, interactivity, mobility, and flexibility. They assist writers, corporations, and publications to increase the relevancy of their content for a global audience by providing multilingual conversion and language globalization services, enabling them to expand their horizons. Besides, by targeting non-English speakers in their native language, they help in catering to a wider variety of readers worldwide. Taking care of the entire eBook conversion pipeline, the outsourcing partner enables the corporations to reach enhanced accessibility standards. They ensure that deliverables comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ADA compliance, DDA, PDF/UA, etc., thereby enabling the publishers to tap and meet the requirements of the differently abled population.

4. High-Quality Outcome

The rise of digital formats has also led to the rampant piracy of eBooks and other collaterals, leading to devaluation of copyright content, posing a challenge for publishers. Collaborating with external vendors allows businesses to easily address such issues and offer high-quality media-enriched digital books. Banking upon a team of expert editors and proofreaders, the professional providers conduct rigorous tests on different devices including iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. to evaluate the features, functionality, mobility and accordingly address concerns as well as incorporate adjustments. They conduct asset research for the procurement of digital media permission and rights. The accredited professionals also define vocabularies, the syntax to express metadata, identifiers, and metadata tagging to ensure zero-errors in the final product.

Way Forward

Digital books and related content have witness a massive surge in popularity, which has brought some amazing opportunities for self-publishing authors, publishers, as well as digital publishing solution providers.

As changing times call for the new norms, engaging professional eBook conversion services assist the writers, authors, and corporations to seamlessly digitize their titles and consequently reach out to a wider audience. Therefore, it is time for the traditional publishers to make hay while the sunshine and easily cut through the competition.

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