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Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Updated on Jul 8, 2024  |  3 Min Read

The demand of customers for a personalized experience, the need for marketing, sales, and customer service teams for collaboration and automation have always been the driving force behind Salesforce adoption. Despite obvious business advantages, organizations find it an uphill task to deploy Customer Relationship Management solution. The primary deterrents being upfront cost, lack of in-house expertise, and uncertainty to predict ROI post-adoption.

By leveraging Salesforce CRM optimization and customization services and the expertise of a certified Salesforce partner organizations can mitigate these challenges and with agility unleash the potential of the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce certified partners enable rapid implementation through the availability of experienced resources. They lay a robust foundation to drive value through their best-in-class consultation services, fueling their client’s transformation initiatives by efficiently managing project development, admin tasks, upgrades, in-house resource training, database maintenance,etc.

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Since every organization formulates strategies to pivot itself to success, optimizing cost containment remains a top priority for the C-suite. Therefore, optimizing OpEx (Operational Expenditure), the ongoing cost for running a business, while concurrently accelerating Speed to Market is becoming critical more than ever. Salesforce Support Services allow you to optimize OpEx in line with CRM goals— offer superior customer experience to drive growth and improve efficiencies.

Three ways in which Salesforce managed services facilitate OpEx optimization while accelerating the speed to market are listed below:

1. Availability of On-demand Salesforce Certified Professionals

Implementation and Maintenance is not a single person job. It requires a team of expert professionals to govern the set-up. For example, there is an architect who oversees overall technical design, a developer who codes for application solutions on the Salesforce platform, an administrator who adds new users and assigns user permissions or data access.

For most of the companies, hiring a team of Salesforce talent is neither required nor feasible and salesforce managed services are the preferable option. The assigned Project Manager assesses the requirement and gets the task done from expert resources. The client organization saves the opportunity cost of time and resources for building an on-site team accelerating the go-to-market strategies. Being a subscription model, managed services for Salesforce CRM optimization ensure efficient Salesforce deployment without any HR-related hassles such as hiring, on-boarding, performance assessment, engagement, retention, etc.

2. Tailor Solutions Across the Length and Breadth of Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce certified partners have niche experts who are proficient in working with organizations across industries, on various stages of Salesforce journey–beginner, advanced, and pros. Whether you are just trying your hands on CRM or are considering adding AI-based integrations in your existing Salesforce set-up or develop a Salesforce app from scratch, they have the capabilities to meet your needs. Instead of learning and doing, the organizations should leverage the business acumen and deep industry expertise of the Salesforce certified partners and Salesforce optimization services to get the best-fit solutions on-demand and maximize their salesforce investments.

3. Scale with Agility and Flexibility to Evolve the Contract as Per Your Business Requirement

Salesforce organizations operating in the growth stage often need to cut on OpEx to channel funds elsewhere. With a managed services contract you don’t have an obligation to incur resource costs. Since the number of billable hours can be optimized as per the requirement, resource planning is easier to implement in the case of managed services.

In the case of firms operating in the expansion stage, it is quicker to upgrade the managed services contract. Instead of overburdening in-house resources or hiring additional workforce in a frenzy, experts can be added in proportion.

Usually, in mature Salesforce projects the need for resources is substantially less than the implementation phase. Instead of a static in-house team with pre-set skills, organizations can hire a dynamic team to augment their capabilities and thrive.

Salesforce certified partners and Salesforce customization and optimization services enable organizations to implement a capabilities-driven strategy and function in tight operating margins while speeding their go-to-market strategies. With defined KPIs and dynamic time-cost analysis, an organization can optimize OpEx for their Salesforce journey and build great experiences for consumers.

Save on Salesforce Maintenance with Customizable Managed Service Solutions

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Managed Services and the best Salesforce managed services provider offer a cost-effective and flexible route to administer Salesforce deployments.

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