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Data Verification and Validation Services
Neha Panchal
Neha Panchal Updated on Jun 3, 2024  |  4 Min Read

For a business to outperform competition, it’s imperative to have a robust strategy in place. Strategic sales and marketing plans can give the growth direction to the business. But, for the sales and marketing plans to be successful, maintaining the quality and accuracy of data across functions becomes a necessity. A clean and verified prospect database is directly related to improved outcomes and assured ROI.

Besides, brands are attracting first-time online shoppers in the aftermath of the pandemic. More customers are coming through the digital front door than ever. Restricted in-person interactions are one of the major reasons leading to more people switching to online modes of conducting transactions.

Though online interactions improve your visibility in the marketplace, there’s a dark side to these digital channels-you become vulnerable to bad actors looking for an easy target. Such issues can erode brand trust over time if not handled properly.

Take the case in point: You are conducting a transaction with a customer who is 5000 miles (about twice the width of the United States) away from you. How do you verify whether they are a genuine prospect seeking your product or a fraudulent entity (such as bots doing fictitious transactions or ghost customers)?

Data Verification Services

Brands, therefore, need an efficient data verification process in place to overcome such hurdles and ensure that they conduct business only with trustworthy entities. Leveraging data verification services, businesses can validate and confirm the accuracy and integrity of data. The services help check the data against predefined benchmarks, rules or criteria to guarantee its suitability and reliability for use. This helps promote data trustworthiness.

Data verification and data validation services are crucial for maintaining high-quality data that can be used effectively in multiple business operations, including marketing, decision-making, compliance, and sales.

Benefits of Data Verification Services

Collaborating with a reliable data verification company is one of the best ways to tackle issues related to poor data quality, wasted sales and marketing efforts, data dump, etc. They help you build an accurate database from the get-go. When you invest in data verification services, you get ready-to-work entries which are an absolute requirement for every brand to close deals faster. Data verification services help transform customer experience and are beneficial for your business in the following ways:

1. Promote Personalization

These days, every business, regardless of the industry vertical, prefers personalized marketing over broader messaging tactics targeting a wide range of customers. Sending personalized messages demonstrates that you are paying utmost attention to your customers and their activities on your website. It is like telling them that they matter to you, their choices/decisions are specifically noticed and will be taken care of.

Consider a scenario: You want to market your newly launched product and you start by sending cold emails. But the emails end up reaching the wrong audience and now your email address is blacklisted. In short, inaccurate data ends up denting your brand image. Data verification services help avoid such blunders and make sure your message always reaches the intended person.

2. Generate Qualified Leads

Crafting a lead score and qualification system is a tedious job, and if the data is inaccurate, your efforts along with the whole lead generation process can go in vain. You not only miss out on several promising accounts but your attempts to get the expected ROI also collapse. Choosing email address validation and phone verification services assures you of a streamlined and profitable lead generation process. The professionals ensure that you get verified data at easy disposal so that you don’t have to waste time looking for the right prospects every time.

  • Email address validation is carried out using tools and technologies to verify the validity and accuracy of email addresses. This ensures that email addresses in your database are correct and can receive emails. Email address validation is crucial for maintaining a high-quality email list and minimizing the risks linked with fraudulent or invalid email addresses.
  • Phone verification services provide multiple advantages that can greatly benefit businesses across myriad industries. These services guarantee that phone numbers offered by customers/clients are active, valid, and correctly linked with the desired users.

3. Avoid Data Decay

Outdated, incomplete, or invalid entries can plague a company’s database. This impacts all the areas of an organization. A Gartner report states that sales reps are considered to have one of the worst data proficiencies (43%) in any organization – significantly lower than marketing teams (49%), customer service teams (49%), and finance teams (53%).

But with professional services, you can easily solve the problem of data decay. Data verification experts find irrelevant information, remove duplicate data, and point out emails that are more likely to instigate spam filters. If required, they manually call the individual to know if the phone numbers or email addresses in your database are accurate. This translates to better efficiency and greater revenue.

Bottom Line

Planning and maintaining accurate data are a priority for any business. Inaccurate or outdated data may lead to unsubscribes and bounces. It may also waste your marketing efforts.

Approaching an experienced vendor who can offer you impeccable data verification and data validation services can lead to optimized marketing efforts, quality leads, and greater profits. Therefore, you must begin by finding the right professional provider who understands your unique requirements. Remember, correct data translates to incremental business ROI.

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