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field service management software
Alok Khandelwal
Alok Khandelwal Posted on May 20, 2023   |  5 Min Read

During an economic downturn, the quality of customer service by on field representatives of companies determines the retention power of a brand. When customers are satisfied with your field service, they give you better ratings and reviews, establish trust in your business, and also recommend it to others. Thus, the ability of a business to generate fruitful experiences with its clients helps it gain a competitive edge by becoming a major differentiator.

field service management solution

Field Service Management Software (FSM) is a comprehensive solution that helps deliver quality customer experiences on the field. It provides field service team members with optimization tools and in-depth insights to resolve customer issues faster and with better accuracy. Some of the common field services include maintenance, sales, repairs, general customer service, and installation work.

When Field Service Management software is well-designed and implemented, you can develop and operate your field service activity in a single location. Tasks like developing reports, inventory control, and setting up work order monitoring become easy. You can also configure a mobile app to boost the functionality of your mobile workforce.

Field Service Management Software

Field Service or Field Service Management (FSM) is a SaaS-based tool developed to optimize and automate the work offered by field service workers like mobile technicians, dispatchers, and agents. For example, FSM is a part of Salesforce Service Cloud and guarantees that no employee has to compromise on the functionality of the services they provide while working outside the office.

Field Service Management solution helps you avoid mistakes and make your field service technicians carry out their job well. By implementing next-gen technology including Salesforce Field Service Lightning based UIs, you can get immense benefits that will be directly reflected in the form of improvement in the quality of your services.

Main Advantages of Field Service Management Software for Your Business

advantages of field service management software

Better Performance

A lot of companies assign agents to the field for tasks like renovations, installations, routine maintenance, and professional services. Nevertheless, a majority of businesses still use manual ways to handle their field agents. Managing a company’s field operations is a time-consuming and tiring job. You are required to track and locate the workers manually even if one customer does not get serviced on schedule, or the employee was sent to the wrong place.

With the help of Field Service Management Software, your agents can use their field time in the most optimum manner with the help of schedule optimization. The software connects work orders with contacts, accounts, cases, assets, and other elements that you entered as data in the CRM systems.

More Customer Loyalty

In the event of a crisis, Field Service solves problems more efficiently by remotely tracking personnel and immediately assessing and locating resources. These characteristics of Field service help boost customer loyalty by helping businesses have a faster service response and reduced downtime. You can also incorporate smartphones conveniently with the software, simplifying information exchange between local employees and central offices. By offering virtual support, you also get to reduce in-office visits. Customers can easily schedule videos and calls via a client portal.

Decreased Business Expenses

Employees become more efficient and flexible with the freedom to work while on the go. You can accurately allocate job schedules on the basis of distance, location, skills, and other concerned factors, thereby contributing to customized service capabilities. Also, you don’t have to handle any back-office billing for on-site payments. All this results in an increase in performance which further leads to improved profitability and reduced prices.

Experience the Next Level of Field Service Management

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Field Solutions From Any Type of Mobile Device

As Field Service is cloud-based software, you don’t have to worry about the device being used or the location and the number of connected users. As long as you are connected to the internet, you will be able to easily access the data and functionality which you are authorized to access. As data is always synchronized in real-time, the technicians will still be able to collect the important information in their mobile application in case they do not have access to the internet while in the field. Then, when the internet connection is reestablished, the entire recorded data can be synchronized with the Salesforce-like platforms.

Improved Communication With Customers

Field service companies often struggle with managing customers and their employees owing to the dynamics of their business. Thus, companies need a good deal of collaboration between multiple departments to ensure that their office staff can effectively exchange customer data and interact with field teams.

By implementing a CRM that is integrated with field service software, you simplify this process of collaboration and guarantee seamless communications between employees and customers. As Field Service can be integrated with smartphones, it streamlines the information flow between field workers and central authorities. The Field Service App ensures that teams can carry out critical work effectively even while offline.

Real-Time Visibility of the Operations Being Performed

Field Service allows you to assign and manage service appointments, keep track of used materials, close work orders, and present service reports from any device linked with the software. Real-time monitoring makes it possible to recognize a problem instantly when it occurs. For instance, if there’s an appointment that the required technician cannot attend on time, then dispatchers can locate the nearby technicians and assign the appointment to the one who’s available at the moment.

Optimization of Inventory Management

Field Service ensures effective control over the resources of the company and promotes product transfer between locations. Also, it helps manage the record of inventory repairs and returns, permitting you to track the inventory and amass the vehicles that supply the technicians with the things they need to carry out their work no matter where they are.

Automated and Easy Administration of Field Services

Field Service allows you to automate multiple tasks, like scheduling appointments, inventory management, product requests, creation of service reports, preventive maintenance through work orders, etc. The service allows you to decrease executive time and manual errors. Also, with the help of Chatter in the mobile application, the technicians are able to stay in constant communication with the dispatchers. This way they are able to report issues quickly and handle them immediately.

Create a Unified User Experience

Dispatchers and technicians receive direct contact with the client through different channels and at any time. Field Service also allows you to proactively contact the client to schedule an appointment and address an issue that they might not even know they have or could have. In the meantime, the service agent already has the data and knows about the most qualified technician to help the client and the best time to do it. Also, it sends notifications to the client in case there are any delays or if anything unexpected happens. Notifications are also sent when the job is done so that the client can proceed with the payment.

Wrapping Up

Field Service Management Software offers immense benefits to companies that offer field services. It converts CRM into an effective business tool for the evolving service industry. To ensure the foolproof implementation of the FSM technology, it is vital to provide the staff proper training by a team of certified and experienced administrators and developers. This will allow the staff to effectively use, modify, and maintain their field service system and meet the business goals.

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