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Tech Talk
Tech Talk Posted on Sep 2, 2015   |  2 Min Read

The Social Network

“Emergence of Social Networks has heralded a new world order where people engage and hangout in real-time through these applications to share their unique stories with their networks (primarily friends, family, relatives or with the whole world in general)”.

Every social network has its own unique capability in regards to the media that can be shared over it. Every category of users has its own social network to deal with. People of all ages have multiple social media accounts on multiple channels. These networks are transforming the way people interact.

This new arrangement has impacted every sphere of life. We socialize before we take decisions. Be it shopping, entertainment, news, comments, reviews or comparison.

Interestingly, these networks have become breeding ground of a new world, rather a young world; with people having disrupting ideas, adamant on their right to freedom of expression & speech.

The world we live in

We crave “likes” or “comments” from our friends over a newly bought dress. We post status update even while heading to loo. Controversies are created in just 140 characters. People are increasingly turning into digital journalists. They are finding jobs online & networking with likeminded professionals like never before. A music group dwelling in a completely oblivion African country suddenly becomes an overnight sensation. A pack of gifs filmed on cats & dogs suddenly go viral. Things are happening quickly & in real-time.

Brands!!! Get your branding right!

This overdose of socialization presents once in a lifetime opportunity for brands to garner mileage out of these networks. It’s time to harness social medium to gain Brand Loyalty & cajoling your followers or fans into becoming Brand advocates through meaningful engagements that people care about. Brands need to disrupt old misconceptions and brand themselves as real harbingers of change. It’s certainly not easy in this ever noisier world.

Damco Edge

We believe we can help you. We understand pulse of your communities through our experience, deep expertise & analytical capabilities. We are a group of youngsters who have embarked on this journey to disrupt the way brands socialize.
We take holistic approach & think like we are one amongst your audiences. We are technologically empowered brimming with heavy release of idea hormones. May be we have more words than required to position your brand!

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