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Tech Talk Posted on Nov 26, 2019   |  2 Min Read

Client Profile

Client is a financial technology company that develops analytical tools for asset allocators to use for investment manager selection, portfolio construction, and risk management activities. In addition, the client offers a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants.

Client Challenge

With tremendous experience in investment management and a thought leader in the wealth management industry, the client team have had the ideas and knowledge around transforming traditional manager research process like allowing investors to identify managers that are most likely to be successful in the future.

Given this, the client envisioned client – a multi-tenant platform to provide institutional investors, an efficient investment manager selection process using superior analytics. To transform their vision into reality, they were looking for a highly experienced product development team with comprehensive product engineering and technology capabilities and superior project governance.

The Client Needed Support With:

Technology Consulting, Evaluation of Tech Stack, Product Architecture etc.

Fintech Product Development & Testing, Third-party Data integrations

Cloud and Infrastructure Management

Product Deployment, Post Deployment monitoring

Product Marketing Support

Project Management

After a detailed due diligence, the client chose Damco as its technology partner to mitigate these challenges.

Damco’s Solution

Damco was chosen by the client to develop a manager diagnostic analytical tool using Microsoft technology that streamlines the manager selection process by allowing users to cut through a large volume of data and view top performing fund managers using automated qualitative scores.

Key Features:

Custom Universe and Universe Builder

Investment Manager Dashboard

Custom Reporting

Upload New Funds

Adding a Fund to Portfolio

Third-Party Integrations

Damco’s Marketing Services team also developed and launched a high performance and interactive Product Website for the client. Damco also developed Client Knowledgebase for prospect and customer support. Damco also helped the client in implementing marketing technology like Technical Optimization for Search, Creatives Development, CRM (Salesforce) Implementation and LinkedIn Advertising to build brand awareness and lead generation.

Benefits – Exceeding Expectations

  • Client received comprehensive services starting from product development, product testing, product deployment, and marketing support under one roof. A world-class multi-market asset management platform is developed with rich and interactive dashboard comprising multitasking panels to visualize data, run custom reports, filter on demand and dig deeper to get insights.
  • Superior collaboration was facilitated by leveraging Damco’s “right site” model, where resources are made available on demand as per the priority and business needs whether it is onsite, nearshore or offshore. This along with our strong project governance and agile development expertise helped in realizing short iterations and frequent deliveries. This helped in capturing fast and constant feedback from test users and beta clients.
  • The developed product provides investors with cutting-edge tool to distinguish truly skillful investment managers, ranks managers by predicting future performance, and improves the efficiency of the manager selection process. Doing so will enable the client to change the antiquated status quo in investment and aggressively expand their footprint among new age customers.

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