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Service Offerings

AI and Business Intelligence

Development of AI software with sophisticated algorithms which can chart out consumer behavior. The output of these algorithms is used to identify trends and gain real-time insights from operational data. Our Artificial Intelligence developer team has assisted organizations in deploying AI-powered BI tools to process data from different BI sources into actionable insights. We also assist clients in adopting AI suites like SAP HANA, Avanade, and more.

Natural Language Processing

Being one among the leading AI development companies, Damco has completed several NLP projects enabling clients to process meaningful data from unstructured and semi-structured content such as business data, mined web data, search queries in text and voice, etc. We have achieved automated text writing, automatic summarization, translation of one language into another, and more.

AI Assisted Chatbot Development

Full-stack AI driven development for omnichannel conversational applications or chatbots for more efficient customer service with bot-to-human routing functionality to resolve complex queries. Our chatbots have facilitated an increase in the number of sales-qualified leads, decrease in customer attrition, and collection of relevant feedback. Employing AI NLP we have ensured the 24×7 presence of customer assistance through chatbots.

AI Solutions for E-commerce

Damco has a dedicated team for developing Artificial Intelligence solutions specifically for the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Some of the tasks that can be largely automated are— sourcing the most relevant keywords to describe a product, creating dynamic descriptions, AI-powered real-time product recommendations for cross-selling, yielding personalized results upon search utilizing big data, etc. We help our clients to improve customer experience through automated post-sale engagement—feedback, returns, and refunds.

Why choose Damco for AI development services?

AI Development Services
  • Cutting-edge AI sales solutions which process large amounts of data to detect patterns and predict trends.
  • Conversational platforms, chatbots, and automation solutions for unparalleled customer experience across verticals.
  • Integration of AI capabilities in the existing analytics ecosystem for uncovering real-time actionable insights.
  • Customized AI solutions for diverse industry verticals—manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, etc.
  • On-demand scalable resource availability onsite/in-premise or at Damco’s development centers.
  • Complete AI development assistance from strategizing to creating and deploying along with 24×7 post-deployment support.

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