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AWS Migration Services

Go agile and scale business services through AWS Cloud

As a leading AWS cloud provider, we have experience in kickstarting or optimizing AWS-led digital transformation for different industry verticals and business sizes. We are a leading AWS migration services partner with expertise in Cloud Consultation, Cloud Migration and Cloud Operations. Our team of AWS professionals has experience in optimizing cloud-value to drive incremental efficiencies and expand the horizon of business capabilities to offer superior customer experiences.

Under our AWS migration services, we have accomplished:

  • Establishing robust and secure digital platforms on AWS cloud
  • Application portfolio rationalization for maximum cloud advantage
  • Full-stack migration including infrastructure, apps, security, and DevOps
  • Deploying an integrated cloud management platform with superior security and governance

Our Amazon Web Services Offerings

Looking to unlock the business productivity potential with AWS? We offer a comprehensive set of transformational and managed services for maximum cloud advantage.

AWS Consulting

Professional consulting to align the roadmap for the best-fit cloud delivery model with unique business and process requirements

AWS Development Services

Development of cloud-native applications as per the business logic while minimizing reengineering and costs

AWS CloudFormation

Modeling infrastructure and application resources, deploying front and backend stack into AWS environment, etc.

AWS Application Integration Services

Seamless integration of SaaS/PaaS, on-prem apps, third-party gateways, or social media integrations for superior business performance

AWS Database Migration Service

Risk-free migration of commercial and open-source databases to AWS. Oracle to Oracle, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora

Managed Cloud Services

Administration, help desk, and user request management of AWS deployment and related integrations, customizations, and compliance

AWS Server Migration Service to Simplify Deployment and Ensure Interoperability
Cloud-first vision to help you get the most from Amazon Web Services

As an experienced cloud provider, we strategize for the framework that suits your IT environment, user skill level, and unique process goals. Our time-tested cloud strategies offer a highly efficient way to enable businesses to get more value from technology investments.

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  • AWS Proof of Concept

    Building phased pilots to validate AWS migration/ deployment and comprehensive testing of existing software in the new cloud environment.

  • Database Migration

    Deep experience in deploying the best storage option in AWS cloud – migrating fileservers to Amazon S3, migrating commercial RDBMS or MySQL.

  • App Migration

    Expertise in different app migration strategies – forklift migration or hybrid migration and app re-engineering to build future-proof elastic app architecture.

  • AWS AI and ML

    Experience in deploying AI and ML services and deep learning frameworks across a wide range of operations of different industry verticals.

Why Choose Damco’s AWS Migration Services?

As an experienced AWS provider, we have successfully delivered projects across different verticals and business sizes. We foster unique propositions with partners and empower them for accelerated business results.

360-Degree Requirement Analysis

Deep audit of existing IT framework, software dependencies, and user needs for hassle-free adoption and optimized TCO.

User Experience Optimization

Strategic cloud-evolution with post-implementation support for seamless, consistent, and enhanced employee experience.

Compliance and Governance

100% adherence to company policies and compliance regulations. Solid documentation to support post-implementation governance.

24×7 Client Assistance

Post-adoption support to ease transition, resolve adoption issues, and test stability for initial days. Seamless alignment with time zone and process needs.

Industry-sector competency

Expertise in several AWS products coupled with deep understanding of several industry-specific processes, for value-driven cloud adoption.

Technology CoE

Centers of excellence in a wide range of technologies to implement niche integrations and customizations for a truly connected workplace.

Our Peer-proven Strategy to Drive Success through AWS Data Migration Service

We have developed a holistic approach to put AWS-powered competency right at the core of the client organization and establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

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  • Pre-implementation Audit

    Deep data and business process audit to build an efficient strategic plan for shifting the client to a new IT environment, unify business and technology for the highest possible efficiency.

  • Pilot Implementation

    Phased implementation of new technology set-up to surface issues in IT frameworks, user adoption, and opportunities to drive peak performance and cost optimization.

  • Full-scale Implementation

    Completing shift to new technology environment with strategic adoption program ensuring that all needs for technology and productivity are met.

  • Post-implementation Support

    Support for processes, systems, tools, and IT management to help client take full control of the technology investment. On-demand support for delivering immediate solutions.

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AWS products and services that we work with

Being an experienced AWS provider, we work with a wide range of AWS offerings as per the business needs and process goals.


  • S3, EBS, EFS
  • FSx for Windows File Server
  • AWS Storage Gateway and Backup


  • Amazon API Gateway
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • AWS Private Link


  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon DocumentDB
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS


  • AWS Amplify
  • Amazon AppSync
  • AWS Device Farm

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