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Virtual CTO Services

Established Technology Leadership & Support for Your Business Goals

With our Virtual CTO Services, you have access to the executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full time technology resources on a wide range of technologies and digital platforms.

Virtual CTO service is a unique offering where our highly experienced technology expert specifically chosen for your business needs, works with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches according to business goals, manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. The technology expert works with you to support as a virtual CTO and is accessible in your time zone, on your preferred communication channels, and in your office on-demand.

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Virtual CTO Services

With our Virtual CTO services, you also get access to our highly specialized technology resource pool to support your projects on-demand basis – no long terms contracts, no hiring and infrastructure costs, complete ownership of code and intellectual rights.

Damco’s Virtual CTO services have enabled businesses around the globe to solve their most complex technology problems, covering strategy and execution cost-effectively.

Damco’s Virtual CTO Services

Traverse through the complexity of the technology process with our CTO services to build business solutions based on the latest technology that delivers impactful innovation for your organization.

Technology Leadership

Technology Consulting, Strategy and Advisory that is aligned with your business goals. Develop, monitor and recommend IT budget allocation and KPIs to assess technological performance and return on technology investment.

IT Project Delivery & Management

Driving and managing any kind of technology project including development, implementation, integrations, team management with access to on-demand resource pool based on needs.

Neutral Vendor/Software Analysis

Requirement analysis, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation strategies, selecting the best fit.

Technology Integration

An aided mentoring approach to integrating technology into the company, projects, and processes.

Technology Analysis

From IT assessment, evaluation, selection, to management and recommendations that increase productivity.

Solutions Determinations

Finalizing the decisions based on the latest technology, standards, and compliance regulations.

Technology Roadmap

Plan, maintain, optimize and track deployments, timelines, and project lifecycles.

Cloud Strategy

Aid in formulating strategies for Cloud Selection and Migrations to optimize crucial business processes.

Business Continuity

Topline strategy for disaster recovery and security planning for business-critical data.

Businesses We Work With

  • Software Product/SaaS: Get best-of-the-breed strategy, business, and technology consulting by leveraging our expertise in solving business problems using digital technologies.
  • Wealth Management: Improve enterprise asset management and performance with aided consulting on the latest technology trends, such as cloud, analytics, security, etc.
  • Insurance: Take technology leap to transform your insurance business by leaning on our combined strong domain knowledge and hands-on technical capabilities.
  • Financial Services: Improve business agility and operational efficiency with exclusive guidance on IT applications, support services, and Fintech.
  • Non-Profits: Stay in track with next-generation digital non-profit solutions and tools to keep pace with an evolving marketplace.
  • Manufacturing: Improve field operations and decision making by implementing solutions that automate Order Management, Supply Chain, Warranty Management, and more.
  • Digital Agencies: Get top-notch digital strategy, products, tools, and business consulting needed to accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise.
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