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Talented resources, years of experience, and deep commitment towards digital excellence provides us the capability to extend innovation and build next-generation solutions. Our software development and IT services have been pivotal in the Digital Transformation of our clients. We instill strategic advantages in the business processes through full-stack development, end-to-end implementation, and seamless transition.

Open Source

Open Source Open source solutions make for exciting ways to solve business problems. The power of collaborating in code creates an environment that’s perfect for innovation. With applications that go beyond the norms of proprietary software, Damco’s open source services help companies have control over their data in the way they need to. Create distinct architecture using our development services for open-source platforms that are superior in quality and cost-efficient.

Content management systems Content management systems (CMS) transform the way businesses process the information they have at hand. Effective content management solutions ensure you spend less time sorting through data, and more time strategizing on how it can be utilized. We at Damco provide CMS services that help companies around the globe become evolved in their approach to content management, thus paving the way to better business output and customer engagement.

Content Management

Mobility With increasing data availability and smartphone penetration, companies are looking to harness the power of mobile. When used appropriately, mobility-based infrastructure can expand business reach and create convenient solutions for customers. Damco’s mobility services enable businesses to solve complex market challenges and gain more brand visibility with cost-efficient mobile applications adaptable to multiple platforms.

Robotic Process Automation Robots are now capable of reading files, copying and pasting data, accessing folders, extracting and processing structured content, gathering information, and making calculations among other functions. An RPA development company like Damco can customize the use of robots to fit perfectly with your business objectives. We leverage RPA to automate the business processes of companies to obtain incremental efficiencies.


Microsoft Damco’s Microsoft Center of Excellence (CoE) leverages the latest Microsoft technologies to provide clients business solutions across verticals. As a globally recognized Microsoft Gold Partner, we deliver full lifecycle solutions and services, including consulting, application development, customization, integration, implementation, maintenance, and support. We ensure full product support for implementations from Microsoft.

Cloud For a market that’s rapidly fluctuating, companies need to be equipped with dynamic IT solutions to stand ahead at the forefront of their industry. Damco offers flexible solutions that solve a number of common business challenges through cutting-edge cloud strategy along with consulting services that find the best-fit solutions for your business. We strategize for the cloud model that optimizes operational cost and is sustainable in the longer run.

Cloud Consulting

IBM iSeries

IBM iSeries Damco has a long history of offering technology solutions based on the IBM i platform. In 1996, we started as an end-to-end services and solutions provider to businesses across the length and breadth of IBM technology and ever since our products and solutions have evolved with IBM as it transitioned from System38 to IBM i. Our IBM Center of Excellence has been helping organizations maximize their productivity and investment in IBM i.

Business Intelligence Services Damco offers end-to-end business intelligence services leveraging collaborative and iterative methodologies and project management to provide BI consulting, implementation and support services. We facilitate transparent decision making for improved operational efficiency, enhanced competitive advantage, streamlined analysis and reporting, and improved customer experience.


Fresh Insights

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2020 Technology Leadership Study

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