Steps to RPA Process Assessment

Championing RPA integration involves thoroughly evaluating processes and needs before identifying an area to increase efficiencies. We help you get all your process automation ideas validated in an interactive and thorough Robotic Process Automation Assessment. It allows us to ascertain a process automation roadmap that is feasible and fast to implement to maximize the value in your journey. Our RPA discovery assessment gets divided into four key step:

Step 1: Discovery Call

You will receive a call from our account executives to help you set priorities with your automation goals. We then share a custom-made questionnaire with you to make an extensive report on automation goals, process complexities, resource requirements, risk assessment, processes that cross multiple systems, etc.

Robotic Process Automation


After making an initial report, our technical experts dive deeper into identifying the automation opportunities. The session helps analyze productivity gaps, the current automation level in the business, data access restriction, filter potential processes, and reviewing, scoring, and ranking. We evaluate RPA opportunities, especially where “swivel chair integration” is accumulated (rekeying data between systems).

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Step 3: Interactive Workshop

Here, we conduct an interactive workshop with our experts to review, validate, and determine the final selection of processes based on SME assessment results, prioritize strategies for potential automation, summarize the following steps, and more.

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STEP 4: Findings & Report

In the end, a detailed finding report would be shared describing the process and why it is being considered for automation by the tech experts at Damco. What are the post automation goals? (i.e., cost reduction, scalability, accuracy, and so forth.)

RPA Implementation

How RPA Boosts Business Performance

In a nutshell, Robotic Process Automation improves speed and accuracy by reducing processing time and ensures full regulatory compliance for internal procedures assisting enterprises in delivering better customer experience, and enhancing back-office operational efficiencies.

RPA Deployment
  • Cost Savings

    Immediate and significant reduction in expenditure.

  • Accuracy

    Bring error rates down to zero and improve the quality of the results.

  • Compliance

    Bots function within set parameters to ensure 100% compliance with standards and regulations.

  • ROI

    RPA can generate a strong ROI in a short period.

  • Productivity

    Automating process enables employees to focus on higher value add activities.

  • Scalability

    Scale up or down depending on the workload and business requirements.

Explore Our RPA Development Services

Evolve your business beyond conventional automation, from strategy creation to implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

RPA Consulting

After assessing your requirements, we bring out the best solution with an optimum number of Python developers needed to accomplish the task.

Cognitive Automation

Sleek UI with contemporary elements so that the app’s design stands out as a USP and encourages lead conversion.

Proof of Concept

We design a function-rich UI compatible with all devices and aligned with apps’ functionality.

RPA Implementation & Development

With faster loading time, you get unparalleled user experience, which helps in search engine ranking and lead conversion.

RPA Deployment

State-of-the-art encryption with high-security plugins for protection from new malwares and threats.

Custom RPA Integration

We provide a complete Python development solution right from strategizing to going live.

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