Damco has helped 100+ ISVs and SaaS companies in building and enhancing their product portfolios and applications. Our diverse technology experience of 25+ years and software engineering leadership has evolved into a powerful application development accelerator – RAPADIT.

Talk to our experts and see how RAPADIT and Damco’s Product Engineering expertise can help you develop robust and future-ready applications, rapidly.


Damco’s Rapid Application Development & Transformation Framework

Software product development can be complex involving challenges ranging from low efficiencies and high costs to delayed launch.

RAPADIT is a cloud-agnostic development accelerator that helps architect, develop, scale, and modernize software solutions at an amazing speed and reliability – our customer data demonstrates that development efforts and costs are reduced by at least 30% by deploying RAPADIT.

Bring flexibility and speed, apply innovation at scale, gain competitive edge.

Key Features

  • Modular architecture with easy addition or removal of components
  • Use of latest microservices architecture for high performance
  • Optimal and structured code with adherence to OWASP coding standards
  • Supports stringent security standards applicable across multiple industries
  • Reusable code templates to ensure faster and consistent application development
  • Properly documented code for easy understanding
  • Multi-layered security with access control and monitoring
  • Quick iterations, enhanced flexibility and rapid delivery


RAPADIT leverages Damco’s 25 year of experience in application development and R&D to develop efficient solutions. We strategically use relevant and reusable modules, components and latest technology stack to deliver holistic and future-proof solutions.

Presentation Layer Components


  • Cross Platform
  • Configurable Views/ Templates
  • Camera Control
  • Search Control
  • Image Controls
  • Offline Capability
  • Location Handling/ Geocoding
  • Navigation
  • Notifications


  • Responsive Design
  • Charts/ Graphs Controls
  • Admin Interface

Security Components

  • Tenant Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Password Policy Management
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Compliance Management
  • User and Permission Management
  • Audit and Log Management

Platform DevelopmentComponents

  • Reporting Engine
  • Workflow Engine
  • Session Management
  • File Handling
  • REST API Packages


Technology Stack

Customer Success Stories With Rapadit

Warehouse Solution Modernization Leveraging RAPADIT Framework

Damco modernized legacy Warehouse Management System leveraging Rapid Application Development (RAPADIT) framework. Entire WMS was re-architected leveraging RAPADIT’s pre-built components like tenant management, user management, permission management, MFA, microservices, report builder etc. using Python, Ionic, Angular and AWS Services.

How RAPADIT helped?

  • Leveraging pre-engineered and reusable components reduced development time by 15%
  • 55% increase in efficiency due to the elimination of time-consuming manual checks with automated warehouse operations

Social Commerce Platform Development Leveraging RAPADIT Framework

Damco leveraged RAPADIT framework to create microservices architecture based social commerce platform. Team leveraged the pre-built web, mobile and cloud components of RAPADIT framework including views/ templates, controls, design elements, functionalities etc. to quickly create and launch MVP of social commerce platform.

How RAPADIT helped?

  • Leveraging pre-built components of RAPADIT framework to reduce development time by 6 months.
  • Latest architecture ensured high performance of mobile applications with response latency less than 3 millisecond.

Rapadit Accelerates Your Growth

Choosing RAPADIT offers a competitive edge, as your software solution gets accelerated market release time, quick iterations while saving on costs incurred. Our accelerator enables your business to take advantage of fleeting market opportunities by helping build applications on the cloud, deploy and evolve with the growing requirements of the model.

  • Save almost 30% time on app development
  • Unmatched adaptability across the development process
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of the application
  • Time-bound approach keeping up with the future-oriented approach
  • Well-handled error and exceptions to ensure high availability of applications
  • Assisting clients to build creative and critical solutions to capture markets, grow userbase, offer more and grow

Why Damco as a software product development partner?

Ensuring success and delivering ground-breaking solutions over the years, Damco has stayed the preferred choice for countless organisations, ranging from small businesses to reputed brands.

3000 person years of experience in software product engineering services

5000 person years of experience in application development and 1800+ person years of experience in application transformation

900 person years of experience in product QA & testing

400 product releases so far

Inhouse Frameworks and Accelerators for product development and modernizations – RAPADIT

Comprehensive suite of software development services covering all phases of product development life cycle

Expertise in new age technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, & IoT

Always ready to embrace change to deliver business value and competitive advantage