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Unlock The ROI Of Your CRM

To deliver a superior, differentiated experience and to understand each of their customers better while engaging them at their preferred channel—insurers are adopting automated systems for full tracking of the interactions during the customer journey.

As a global technology, consulting and digital solution provider for the Insurance industry, Damco can assist you in adopting rapid deployable solutions to manage the entire value chain.

Know how next-gen CRM can help insurers personalize the buyer lifecycle for improved conversions in our guidebook—Unlock The ROI of Your CRM.

What will you learn:

Key Drivers for CRM Adoption in Insurance Sector

  • Offer a seamless, omnichannel experience by integrating communication channel preferences, social networks, and location attributes to conventional information characteristics.
  • Optimize individual client relationships for personalizing marketing, and growing sales through unlocking of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Key Features of Next-Gen CRM

  • Responsive design, smooth and real-time integration at the transaction level.
  • Analytics tools to provide on-demand snapshots for analysis and offer contextual recommendations.
  • Compatibility with cloud computing and real-time collaboration between agents, experts, and customers.

CRM Implementation Roadmap

  • Define users of CRM—prospects, policyholders, brokers, producers, and partners.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance to maintain an error-free record of any revisions and upgrades.
  • Robust integration with the insurer’s sales systems.
  • Hassle-free data entry and sharing across underwriting, quoting, distribution and other systems.