Getting Smarter with Salesforce Einstein

Your business data can help you provide faster, smarter, and more personalized engagement across every customer interaction. Salesforce Einstein is a personalized data scientist that allows you to use the power of data in more ways than you know. Its predictions help you perform your work better by automating your actions and responses, saves your employees valuable time by making them more productive and your customers happier.

Download our exclusive report to know how can make your business processes smarter by using Salesforce Einstein. The report uncovers:

  • How AI works and the idea behind it

  • Ways to infuse AI into your business processes

  • Insights and recommendations around Salesforce Einstein

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Ideal Product Development Methodology

The idea behind AI is – Start with a data model, feed it lots of data, and let it learn. The more data the machine processes, and the more computing power it has, the smarter it gets.

Software Development Best Practices

Businesses are finding countless ways to infuse AI into everything from their customer experiences to their internal operations.

Inhouse Development vs. Outhouse Development

Salesforce Einstein provides insights, recommends best actions and predicts outcomes that help sales reps to focus on most promising leads and opportunities.


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