Conventionally, investment management firms’ back offices are loaded with intensive manual work— transcribing data between legacy IT systems, email applications, and internal spreadsheets. However, since process automation has burst onto the scene, manual procedures have taken a back seat, presenting a golden opportunity for organizations to enhance their tech services and free-up resources.

That said, firms may not benefit sustainably and efficiently without coherent strategies and standardized automation processes. Damco, as a leading technology and digital transformation partner, pilots the best possible solution that comes with maximum benefits like cost savings, increased capacity, risk reduction, improved client experience, and enhanced employee engagement.

Our experts give you a glimpse of our procedure and expertise through a detailed discussion on how investment management firms can get started with process automation. How their peers utilize the technology and register incremental ROI, the standard functions where automation can be applied, and how these add up to prepare organizations to brace up post the COVID-19 market landscape.

Watch this On-demand Webinar, where our Industry Experts will Discuss:

  • How can Asset and Wealth Managers set the firms to win in the new normal
  • How Process Automation and RPA are evolving as feasible solutions to streamline manual and time-consuming processes
  • Why do Investment management firms need a focused RPA and Process Automation strategy, the significant implementation challenges, and how to address them strategically
  • And finally, how Process Automation is acting as the cohesive agent for organizational resilience in the post-pandemic world.

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What You’ll Learn

With this webinar you will be informed about the potential of Process Automation and RPA in Financial Services. Explore opportunities to automate core business processes in operations, portfolio management, client on-boarding, sales automation, reporting and backend processes.

Opportunities for Automation

Business processes that are inherently amenable to automation and the ones that require phased strategic implementation.

Addressing Implementation Challenges

Key criteria for addressing challenges when selecting automation to leverage maximum advantage.

Peer-proven Cases of Automation

Solutions for diverse challenges that can be extrapolated to standard functions of Investment Management firms.