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The Definitive Playbook for Insurance Lead Generation & Conversion

Most of the prospective insureds prefer to get a quote online, compare quotes with different insurance providers and do thorough research before the final purchase. When the end consumer is getting smarter, it is imperative to up the ante in your digital marketing strategy and learn what is driving the conversion and retention.

As an experienced provider of Technology Driven Strategic Insurance Marketing, Damco can assist you with Extracting Actionable Data, Market Research, and Omnichannel Marketing to optimize the sales funnel and realize your business goals.

Download our latest guide- The Definitive Playbook for Insurance Lead Generation & Conversion to construct the blueprint of the digital marketing strategy which not only converts but makes end consumer loyal to your brand.

What will you learn:

Website Optimization

  • Engage online visitors with AMP Optimized, Fast, Secure, and Mobile Friendly Website with easily locatable resources.
  • Invest in SEO to attract organic user base to establish higher Domain Authority and credibility.
  • Strategize Content Marketing efforts according to consumer persona and stage in the marketing funnel.
  • Advertise cost-efficiently through smarter PPC strategy which targets specific consumer group.

Solid Online Presence

  • Define your Social Media audience based on factors like demography, interest, behavior, and more.
  • Strategize Social Media Strategy to target a consumer segment with defined demography and buying patterns and browsing preferences.
  • Invest in Video Marketing Strategy for reinforcing brand awareness, brand outreach, and brand recall.
  • Connect with consumers post-sale through a multi-pronged strategy to solicit reviews.

Adapt Latest Marketing Technology

  • Select a Martech stack which is aligned with your business goals such as email marketing automation.
  • Optimize cost for acquiring new customers with full visibility of buying journey.