Gathering relevant claims information to complete First Notice of Loss (FNOL), can be an extensive, costly, and error-prone due to the multiple customer touchpoints at every step. This leads to longer claims cycle times, higher pending FNOL claims, and dissatisfied customers.

To reduce these challenges significantly and improve the overall claims processing experience for both carriers and policy holders, insurers need to digitally transform the First Notice of Loss process. By adopting new-aged digital capabilities, insurers have the key to increase efficiency, accelerate claims process, reduce costs, and improve customer journey. Moreover, digitization empowers carriers to seamlessly collect accident images, license information, documents, recorded statements, and relevant incident data to automatically update claim systems.

Watch the 30 minute on-demand webinar, where our industry experts will talk about:

  • Challenges of Manual FNOL
  • Digital FNOL and its benefits
  • Relationship between other processes and Digital FNOL
  • Enablers of Automated FNOL & success stories

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Recording

Our Speakers

Chetan Kohli

Ursula Merten

Director – Insurance Strategy & Transformation

A dynamic insurance industry veteran specializing in operational efficiency and digital transformation. Ursula is the director at omni:us, an AI-based claims suite that allows insurers to quickly deploy Artificial Intelligence into their various lines of business.

Alok Khandelwal

Ankur Luthra

AVP – Sales
Damco Solutions

A seasoned techno functional expert at Damco, a
27-years-old NJ-based Insurance technology service and products company. Ankur works with Insurance Carriers, Agents, Brokers, and MGAs in Caribbean, USA and UAE to supercharge their operational efficiency.