Introducing DocBox Pro

Manually managing every document sent to different employees and checking if the document has been signed or acknowledged can be overwhelming and needless to say, time-consuming. It leads to delayed processes, improper reporting, noncompliant recordkeeping, and lack of a proper checkpoint to capture nonadherence within the organization.

Damco’s DocBox Pro is designed to help businesses automate the process of sending documents and getting them reviewed, acknowledged, and signed via automated workflows that are in good standing with all the compliance needs.

It is a robust and lean industry-agnostic solution that helps businesses maintain the list of documents to be sent over email and get the real-time compliance status updated, based on every action taken on the sent documents. It will help businesses save costs, reduce manual efforts, be time efficient, and maintain all the data and documents in a centralized location for easy access.

Features of DocBox Pro

An intelligent, unified, and secure workflow for document compliance – from sharing to reviewing and signing.

Data Management

  • Manage lists of users & documents for compliance
  • Easily share documents from your local drive
  • Create dynamic PDFs using templates
  • Unified repository of raw & signed documents
  • Create user-specific documents in PDF format for review & acknowledgement
  • Share PDF forms to get data submitted

Compliance Check

  • Real-time tracking of document status along with timestamps for every action – from the document being sent to signed or acknowledged
  • Maintain data & status related to compliance
  • Easily review the sent document along with the latest action taken from a single dashboard

Reports & Analytics

  • User-friendly dashboards to know the document status
  • Easy-to-access reports for a holistic view of the compliance status
  • Analytics with updated statistics to know the company-wide process adherence

Benefits of DocBox Pro

Ensuring the best use of technology to ensure reduced document compliance risks, faster information flows, and significant cost savings.

For HR Professionals

From sending NDAs for esignatures to maintaining compliance on work from home policies, automate your daily HR responsibilities to reduce manual efforts and save time. Now send automated emails for new and updated policies, manage WFH documents, and check status on leave or travel policies instantly.

For IT Professionals

Streamline the complete asset management process and easily monitor the information on each asset. Automatically send the compliance forms and documents to the employees and get real-time status of the actions taken on the document to avoid any delay in the asset issuance or delivery.

For Compliance Teams

Easily send the updated data sharing policies with new and promoted employees to ensure secure data access. Control data access and know which employee is exposed to what type of data within the organization to avoid data breaches and data security risks.

Why DocBox Pro?

  • Complete automation to reduce manual efforts and dependencies
  • Easy reporting & employee-wide status of documents for compliance
  • A visual platform for improved user experience and less cognitive load
  • A major accuracy uplift in your audits and reports
  • Reduced costs by up to 30%
  • Integrations with the best e-signature tools and platforms
  • Faster turnaround time for quick approvals
  • Improved efficiency and high ROI
  • Easy integration with other project management tools for a seamless user experience

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