RPA in Financial Services to Drive Innovation and Efficiency

With many labor and time-intensive workflows and processes, financial operations have a huge opportunity to improve on employee-efficiency and compliance adherence. Adopting Robotic Process Automation for financial services enables businesses to rapidly automate simple to complex workflows and gain big wins in productivity and profit margins. By implementing RPA for financial services management, stakeholders can free bandwidth for the team to focus on tasks that require human expertise and strategic approach – offloading the routine work to digital labor.

The figurative robots accomplish all menial jobs such as moving data from one application to another – simulating repeatable actions like clicking, typing, dragging, and dropping. Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models can power up these bots to learn from experience and progressively reduce human intervention. Especially for accountants and finance professionals, RPA can multiply efficiency dramatically. Damco’s deep experience in finance operations and implementation of robotic process automation in the financial industry facilitates clients to exponentially improvise on customer experience and decrease instances of offshoring.

RPA in Financial Services

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services

Our customized RPA solutions help clients gain beyond ROI in terms of improved risk management, accuracy, and cycle times. We customize bots to serve as skilled digital labor that supplement and augment the core teams in tasks spanning IT Operations, Customer Service, Administration or Office Management, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Human Resources, and Legal. With expertise in finance operations and assorted RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism, etc. we have enabled strategic implementation of Robotic Process Automation in financial services enterprises.

Automation Anywhere

500+ ready-to-market bots and on-demand bots developed over enterprise-grade technology. Superior RPA security that completely meets unique compliance and governance requirements.


Successful use-cases to help financial services players optimize the costs of compliance operations and quickly meet regulatory requirements with options to integrate pragmatic Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Blue Prism

Implementation of highly-efficient automated workflows that pool RPA prowess with emerging technologies such as AI, ML and NLP to create digital labor that delivers on all processes – front, middle, and back-office.

Azure Automation

Azure Automation allows cloud-based automation configuration in both Azure and non-Azure environments. For financial services, it offers increased flexibility in deployment and operations.

Microsoft Flow

Recommended RPA platform for clients that already have Microsoft framework. Microsoft Flow has hundreds of prebuilt connectors to establish efficient workflows from small routine tasks to large-scale systems.

Azure Logic Apps

No-code platform to connect business-critical apps, workflows, and services in cloud and on-prem. With Logic Apps, financial firms can integrate numerous SaaS and enterprise applications.

Amazon Lex

It is a chatbot AI based on AWS that allows development of bots to automate simple tasks. Available as a fully managed service, Amazon Lex can be scaled-up as per the business requirements.


With Google Cloud Dialogflow, advanced AI applications like chatbots and IVR bots can be developed as per the needs of finance and accounting processes. Its cross-platform development suite offers enterprise scale and complexity.

Microsoft Bot Framework

A comprehensive framework that facilitates development of enterprise-grade conversational AI apps using AI and natural language with superior ownership and control in Microsoft environments.

Einstein Bots

Salesforce Einstein Bots allows automation of several customer-centric processes for superior digital engagement and employee productivity. It works seamlessly with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Analytics Cloud.


Under Finance Ops, Catalytic allows deep process automation in financial operations by seamless integration of disparate systems. It transforms menial jobs like daily reporting, accounts payable, and audits.


Kryon offers integrated solutions for process discovery, Robotic Process Implementation and Analytics. Its full-cycle automation suite provides higher cost-savings by rapidly automating high-volume manual tasks.


Intelligent automation suite that is trusted by leading banks and other financial players. Its pre-built automation solutions reduce costs and assure better risk management and regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Automation Solutions for Finance and Accounting Processes

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Embrace Robotic Process Automation in Finance to Amplify Employee Productivity

Implementation of AI and robotic process automation in finance services has enabled Finance and Accounting professionals to automate time and labor-intensive tasks like data gathering, data entry, or book-keeping and focus on tasks that demand human judgment and consultative skills. From automating customer acquisition to invoice validation, almost all finance processes have the potential to save valuable man-hours with RPA adoption.

Financial and Accounting

Intuitive bots to automate time-intensive and error-prone processes in finance and accounting such as invoice processing – enhancing speed and accuracy.

Accounts Payable

Automation of complex accounts payable processes such as invoice capture, receipt generation, purchase order creation, catalog management, and more.

Customer Support

Customized chatbots to offload the work of customer support agents with automatic filtering of junk requests, enabling self-service, prioritizing queries, etc.

CRM and Marketing

Implementing RPA in finance to streamline marketing funnel and automate market research, CRM dashboards, and data integration between applications.

RPA Financial Services

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