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DevOps Consulting Services

Damco being one of the leading DevOps service providers offers expert consultation on – Automation of project processes, Virtualization to expedite testing, Containerization for improved scalability and faster deployment, and more. We have assisted our partners in adopting DevOps tools—such as Chef, Packer, Jenkins, Puppet, Vagrant, etc —and ChatOps for real-time collaboration for enhanced productivity.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

As a partner DevOps Services Company, we have assisted organizations to adapt to Continuous Integration which is a software development practice ensuring easy merging of code, bug detection, and release of regular updates. With Continuous Delivery, we have facilitated the release of software updates in small increments reducing manual work and risk while maximizing automation. CD in the longer run also helps in establishing a resilient system.

DevOps Monitoring and Support

Teams functioning in Agile environments or early stages of DevOps adoption need continual monitoring which reduces the chances of functional issues, deviations in functionalities, and bugs. We help in monitoring the production environment processes and mitigate issue if any through implementing tools for issue detection and timely warning. We employ Nagios, Zabbix, StackDriver, AWS CloudWatch, etc for Infrastructure Monitoring, New Relic for Application Performance Monitoring, and other leading DevOps monitoring tools.

DevOps Deployment

As an experienced DevOps Service Providers, we facilitate the automation of code deployments by utilizing the right tools and scripts. When every validated change is automatically available to users, developers have a better grip at real-time feedback for quick address. Because organizations need to have a trustable automated testing environment, DevOps Deployment or Continuous Deployment is for seasoned DevOps players.

Why Choose Damco for DevOps Services?

Product Development Services Damco
  • 450+ person years of experience in DevOps Services—CI/CD, Consulting, Monitoring and Support.
  • Team expert in latest DevOps tools— Nagios, Gradle, Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Packer, Puppet, Vagrant, etc.
  • Accelerated Software Delivery with significantly reduced time-to-market for unparalleled competitive advantage.
  • Experienced professionals in Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, and Visual Studio DevOps.
  • Reduced manual work and risk while maximizing automation— easy merging of code, bug detection, and release of regular updates.
  • On-demand scalable resource availability onsite or at Damco’s development centers along with dedicated Project Manager to oversee the project.

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